Weekend pics

Alas, another week has passed me by without any blog updates. I do have some crafts I've been working on, and hope to post soon. Thank you so much to the few of you that stick with me despite my spotty posting. I'm really trying to work on my content quality and figure out what it is that I have to offer the blogosphere along with organizing my schedule. Any advice/comments/feedback on content you enjoy would be most helpful! In the mean time, here are some pictures from our weekend according to my phone.

Hazie babe had a doctor's appointment. It's always unpredictable bringing a wild and active toddler along, but E was a good helper this time! He helped entertain his baby sis and thought he should share his hat too.

I'm curious, did everyone "ask" and "answer" to high school dances the way they do in my home town? We always had to come up with clever and even crafty ways to ask or answer someone to a dance. I helped my little brother answer to the sweethearts' dance.

He said yes.

Somehow we were able to squeeze a little date night in, which was much needed. Trav has been reffing (hockey) like crazy lately. He was gone nearly every night because of the high school playoffs, so we stole a little Saturday night opportunity. Thanks to my aunt and her sweet family for taking the kids. we love you! 


Lindsie said...

Okay, I loved when you use to do the post of where I found your DI clothes and what you were wearing. I always looked forward to that!!!

Laura said...

I like all your post! I def miss them I still check everyday in hopes there will be a new one! The DI ones make me jealous though because we don't have one and the city I live in now has a lot of goodwills but they are PICKed over sooo bad that they are usually mostly empty! I like hearing about what you do for your job (I am a graphic designer and love Uppercase)

Jo(ke) said...

I love reading about your cute family :)

Jo(ke) said...

And like the first commenter I also like your outfit posts.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Look like a blast! :) Cute pics!