valentine's day update

I love Valentine's day. I've been so excited this year to celebrate with not just my lover, but my kids too! We started the day out with a little heart attack on E's bedroom door.

I wondered if he would even notice or be old enough to care, but he was so excited to see all the little hearts with notes I had written. I had to work that day which kind of put a damper on things, but his reaction carried me through the day!

The next morning I let them wake up to a few special surprises. My mom always had a little gift (usually a shirt to wear) waiting for us on Valentine's morning. I loved it!

I found this little cement truck while thrifting and knew E would go crazy for it. I decided to fill it with a whole bunch of paper hearts. He loved stirring them around in there!

I wrapped H's present in some fabric I have. Having a girl makes holidays really fun. Boys are fun too. :)

Baby H loved chewin on the hearts.

I kept them close to my heart all day

Custom heart charm via Uppercase Living Blume jewelry


Hannah said...

that's so cute. what you did for your kids!!!

andrea said...

So cute! I LOVE that you wrapped her present in fabric! such a cute idea Sarah!

Justine said...

This is soo fun! I can't' wait until I have a baby of my own.

Jessi said...

I just wanna suck on Hazel's juicy lips!!! So beautiful!!

Happy Valentine's Day, it's totally my favorite holiday:) Here's a link to my V-Day post:


Are you going to the Soel Blogger meet n' greet on Wednesday? I'm debating it....

Jessi from Hopes and Dreams