valentine's day update #2

I thought I might share the gift I gave Travis for Valentine's day. When I took Melissa's caligraphy class at Alt. She made me this perfect little sentiment that I added to the top of his gift. I think it will look nice framed too!

 I saw this valentine via here last year, and knew we had to have it for our home. (My hubby's an Insurance Agent, which makes it even better.) I included a little note explaining to him that he is so much more to me than a provider. I could probably do that for myself, but I most definitely wouldn't do well without his constant love, support, and friendship. He is so good to listen to me. I talk more than my own fair share, and some of his. He's my favorite person to talk to and confide in, because he listens intently and always tries to give me honest insight in a loving way. I need that so much. He never fails to make me feel beautiful and loved, and he consistently helps around the house. He's a great dad, and I feel so blessed to have him. I know I'm a little late on this Valentine stuff, I hope everyone enjoyed the day! I kind of feel like February should be filled the whole month with celebration of the ones we love. Don't you?

P.S. Isn't the hand drawn neon bow on the envelope a stunner!? I love great packaging.


Jessi said...

Hey Sarah! I awarded you a special blog award and featured you on my blog today:) Head on over and check it out and grab a "I was featured on Hopes and Dreams" button if you want. Hope you can play along!

Also, your Valentine's were so cute. I wish I made it to Alt this year! I would have been all over Melissa's calligraphy class. I actually met her through you at that thrift-a-thon thing we all went to over a year ago, and I just found out I'm now living in her cousin's basement! Small world!!

Jessi from Hopes and Dreams

Olga said...

I love your wrapping! And haha that quote is so funny! Gonna use it on my boyfriend!