Paper Lantern Valentine

This is a little valentine I "helped" E put together for a little friend of his. I purchased a paper lantern at the dollar store and added a little tag. I noticed that I could fit some candy hearts in the opening at the top, so that's just what I did.

Then it needed some kind of closure, so I made a little label for the top and sealed it shut.

and after she eats the candies, she can hang it to her heart's content!

Happy V Day!


Shay said...

Already hung in her room at her request.
The recipient loved this creative Valentine :)

Jessi said...

This is adorable! I love the lantern idea!

Jessi from Hopes and Dreams

Sarah Jane said...

I love that!


A FANCY DAY said...

Such a cute idea! Definitely doing this next year for my very little 6 year old sister. She will love it.

Nicole said...

this is so genuis. lovelovelove your creativity.

rock on awesome mama.