The year of the bun.

I had a great time at Alt! I was so nervous going into it, and came out feeling inspired and encouraged. I can't wait to share some of the my favorite details, but first, I've seen the picture above floating around the net: here, and here.  There were some super fashionable peeps in attendance, and there were more than a few buns to be found. I grabbed these pictures from the Alt Flickr stream entitled "The year of the bun." The funny thing is, I wear my hair like this so often mostly just because it's so fast to do! 


Urban Nester said...

Sarah! I love this post! I love how you perfectly captured "the year of the bun". I love buns... I think they deserve another year of glory :]


Anna @ IHOD said...

Hi Sarah!
You are rocking that red hair! Love it! The little miss and E are as cute as ever.
So jealous you got to go to ALT. Saving up for next year...hope you go! We must meet!
:) anna

August Wrinkle said...

I wear my hair in a bun all the time too! =) no time for styling in the mornings =P Love the outfit and the bold red lips =)

Liz Stanley said...

Seriously, you need to show me how to make that bun. So hot! love it

The Mrs. said...

I'm new to your blog. I enjoy it and am your newest follower! I'm a bit jealous of the bun though....I cut my hair pixie short about a year ago and it just can't grow out fast enough!

The Mrs. and The Momma

Char said...

New to your blog and I am loving ittttt!SO Jealous of your Alt Summit trip! I am hoping to attend one day!
Char xo

Michelle said...

It is such a cut picture, your lipstick is also ohsocute.!!

Sydney said...

UM you look gorgeous and I'm so incredible jealous that you got to go! Miss your face you stunning redhead.

A FANCY DAY said...

Just found your blog. I love it! And I'm always wearing a bun it's so easy and makes you feel o so fancy!

Bridget said...

hi sarah! i saw your hair via... i think babble? and just thought it was awesome. hope alt was fun!

can i ask... do you dye your own hair? a box? im dying for a change... and think red would be fun (albeit, daring, but you rock it so why not?!).