So this is Christmas

Christmas with a bright eyed two year old is really sort of magical. The childlike wonder and excitement paired with the sweet innocence is a delightful combination. Some of our favorite holiday traditions this year included visiting the lights at Temple Square, the classic advent calendar chocolate, and watching a film about the baby Jesus on our Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


Sarah Jo said...

I think that you and your family are the cutest thing.

Happy New Year :)



monster cakes said...

That last picture melts my heart. Love these snapshots!

And cheers to the new year! xo

Liesl said...

Love all the holiday PJ's and you look beautiful! Adorable pictures of what looks like a fun-filled Christmas! I hope your new year ahead is magical!

Liesl :)

Andrea said...

You can just send me those moccasins to me when your done with them..thanks:) Love little mans pj's!! Happy new year:)

Momma Miles said...

What a perfect holiday! And that chalk tree, I LOVE IT!!

Heidi Jo said...

i LOVE the tree. what a fantastic idea. merry christmas and happy new year!