weekend love: baby love, sister love, and glitzy toes

This weekend was a busy one. It started out with a long over due date with my love. The rule of the night was not to talk about work or the many piling responsibilities at home. It was our challenge to see if there was anything left to talk about. Kudos to us, there was. Then I helped host a baby shower for my cousin who is due late December.

I made really simple pumpkin cupcakes. I finally purchased a mini cupcake pan. Don't know if I'll ever go back to making them normal sized. Everything's cuter in mini size.

We had a little hot chocolate bar for which I made these white chocolate stirring spoons.

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A garland made of sweet little bows

The hosting duo. Me and my talented and gorgeous friend Jess.
I must wear that necklace at least once a week. A pair of darling twin girls that I went to high school with started a hair accessory company called True Birds. So inspiring! They recently launched a very charming jewelry line.  My dad plays Harmonica, so this little charm has rich meaning for me. I can't wait until he starts playing the Christmas hymns. Some of my favorite holiday memories include the Harmonica accompaniment. 

The weekend is closing out with a great ending, as my sister is visiting! She's currently attending Dixie College in St. George. We LOVE it when she visits.
We spent some time glitzing toes.


Kristal said...

What a great weekend! I must say, I love your hair color. It looks gorgeous!


Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons said...

This looks like it was such a cute and fun party.

The pumpkin cupcakes? Get in my belly.

The choco stirring spoons? Brilliant.

The bow garland? Too adorable.

amber said...

looks like a fabulous weekend! and those mini cupcakes look delicious.

Jessica said...

I didn't know the story behind your cute necklace! I love sentimental things like that. I have a necklace that was my moms and I wear it when I need a little good luck.

Loved seeing you, we need to do it again soon.
Love you!

Alli @ Life on LeRoy said...

How did you make the chocolate spoons! Such a fun idea for the holidays ;-)

Alicia Blogs said...

I agree, mini cupcakes are much better!! Love the color of your nail (toes) polish! Love to do sparkle when the holidays are here :D

Nina V.+ Co. said...

what color is your lipstick in these photos? so perfect!

Sarah Larsen said...

Alli, I just melted down some vanilla candy melts (in the microwave) colored the melt with food coloring, then dipped the spoons and put them on a tray to dry!

Nina V, The shade is from MAC, it's called Ruby Woo. I ADORE it!!