RFF: what's old is new

Top: $4 Skirt: $5 Shoes: $20

I went to H&M this weekend. I came out with a sweater and a few things for my kids, but I gotta admit, I love my thrifted clothing. There are just so many unique and charming pieces waiting to be found. I know when I wear something thrifted, chances are, I'm not going to see anything like it anywhere else. Money has been tight for us over the years, so I'm thankful that I wasn't afraid to step into the D.I. (local thrift) and give it a shot. It has become a really fun hobby for me, it's helped me think outside the box, excercise my creativity, and dive further into what my style might be. It's taught me a thing or two about vintage, and it's made me find ways to make something old new. Oh, and the money saved never hurts. :)

I thrifted a few new pairs of vintage earrings to add to my collection. I'm loving the simple round ones.


Joni and Rico Adams said...

That top and shoes are amazing!! I'm jealous of your thrifting skills, and next time my mom asks me if I want to hit up the DI, I definitely will! :)

Jessica Gitler said...

great outfit, love that you chose grey tights, not something I would have thought of and they look great!!!

Elle said...

love those thrifted shoes! so cute!!


Emily said...

i love those earrings! i'm a fan of the smaller round ones myself. you inspired me to take the time to thrift (i'm not big shopper) and i've found some great items. i see this becoming a pretty fun addiction!

Maggy R. said...

Hi sarah! Even though we never met each other, I still wanna wish you the best chrismtas holidays :) hope u have a wonderful time with ur little family!!! U are a great person and I jsut love your creativity and how sweet u are in ur blogpost :)

mucho love from spain<3