weekend love: It's Fall

I don't know what the weather is like where you're at, but here it's rapidly become undeniably fall. Sweatshirts and jackets are required, and it looks like the coats might be making their appearances very soon. After a smoldering pregnant summer, I'm perfectly happy with the weather switch. Here are a few highlights from our weekend. (Our camera's back!) 
On E, chambray top: consignment $3, tie: vintage. belonged to dad, shoes: thrifted, $3
On me, chambray top: thrifted $4 , skirt: thrifted $5, belt: thrifted $2, shoes: thrifted, $21 flower: tj maxx

E and I donned matching chambray.

I ate a grip of this stuff. So good. So fall.

Miss H turned 2 months. She can smile now.

Happy fall!


Andrea said...

That hairstyle is made for you...lovely!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love everything about this outfit and these photos. you are beautiful and your babies so darling!

Christa said...

so so cute!! we had 80 degree weather, snow the next week, we we are back up to 70 degree weather haha

Silvia said...

Like E, Hazel looks like the both of you. Can't figure out who she looks like more...super cute.

KatyK said...

I love how you and E have matching outfits. Very cute, and your daughter is growing so fast. Beautiful little family.

Its definitely fall out here in Ohio after a brief Indian Summer weekend.

katherine said...

seriously love EVERYTHING you wear. you are a thrifting goddess!

Cathy said...


Megann Jabola said...

You and little E are so cute matching your outfits! :) And I love that last photo of your daughter. She is so adorable! I giggled when I saw her smile. So cute!! :)

♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

Shana said...

Ok you and your boo boo are adorable!!! The weather is getting there...it's 80 but it's Vegas..so that means "chilly" haha I just discovered your blog and you certainly inspire me!! one day when I am a momma...I too am addicted to thrifting...I started Thrifters Anonymous becuase of it!! haha oh and umm I am drooling over that Trader Joes yumminess..

Thrifters Anonymous Monday Link Up
New Day, New Shoes Challenge!

Jo(ke) said...

I LOVE Fall. Like every other blogger I guess, but it's justified. I went to Paris for the weekend (blogged about it today if you feel like reading) and tried to look as stylish as you. :) Your babies are adorable.

Sarai and Nancy said...

This is such a sweet post! I love your outfit, and I just love that we get to share the excitement of Hazel learning how to smile :)

Jessica Gitler said...

oh my, you two are so cute ... love the matching outfits ... super great!!

Carrie said...

Darling-- all of you!