a birthday breakfast

Have I mentioned I love birthdays? I think they should always be celebrated in a special way. It doesn't take much. In our little neighborhood, we try to take care of eachother when it comes to birthdays. This week we gathered the kids and had a little birthday breakfast for my extraordinary friend Stacie. Stacie and I are really in sync when it comes to having babies. Our first babes are a month a part, and our second babes, 4 days. When we were pregnant with our first babies, Stacie was called as the Relief Society president in our church ward. It still baffles me to know that we're the same age with kids the same age, yet she takes on a huge work load taking care of the people in our ward and neighborhood.

Breakfast calls for jammies of course.

Cereal necklaces are a good fit too.

Some chose eating over stringing.


Justine said...

Your little man is so adorable! His smile.. those baby cheeks :)