weekend love: not yet

I've been terrible at posting lately. 1. Because the beginning of August brings 2 weddings, a funeral, and a baby shower, (I have at least 4 friends who have or will give birth this month) and 2. Because I still have a lot to do before this little girl makes her entrance into our home. We only have 2 bedrooms on our main level, and our original plan was to finish a room for E in the basement. It looks as though time and financial constraints aren't going to be as readily available as we had hoped, so we're moving to plan B. Arrange a space for baby girl in our bedroom and work on finishing a room for E one step at a time. I'm confident that it will work out, but in the mean time, I'm working to fill the lone bedroom with the belongings of 2 children instead of one. I'm afraid this little one is catching up to her brother at a rapid speed in the clothing department.

On another note, SEI has asked me to be a guest blogger for their lifestyle blog! I'm really excited about the opportunity, and I've been working on a few little projects to share. Here's a little sneak peak:

So it looks like until this little one decides to make her debut, I'll be working on some projects at home (like this pillow project)

and playing pretend with him. Who needs toys when you have cardboard "boats"?

Cute sunshine tags c/o SEI


Maggy R. said...

I was just thinking of you yesterday and wandering if you had your little girl yet Ü

Good luck for things u need to do before she gets here, but has u said, one step at a time!!!


Stevie said...

I totally feel you Sarah on the August madness- 0 Funerals (thank god), 1 wedding and 23 prego friends. Yes, you seriously read that! And 6 babies born so far this year. Thinking of you!

De España said...

Last Wednesday I was at the dr's office for a pregnancy checkup, and I saw you and your family! I just noticed it was you when they called your name and you walked into the dr office area. I said to my husband, "Hey! I know who that is... I read her blog!" I felt a little creepy knowing who you were from your blog without actually knowing you in real life. But anyway, it was a fun blogger paparazzi moment. You look really cute and congratulations on your soon-to-be-born baby girl.

Simply. Splendid. Living. said...

It's gonna be neat to see what name you choose for your little girl. Good luck with all your preparations & hope you're able to get rested up too!

Shay said...

ummm...posting while you were clearly in labor!!! Can't wait to meet her sweet face. Congrats & Love Ya!!

Kaitlyn said...

Ahh, i hear you. Everyone i know is either getting married or having babies! It's been a busy summer to say the least.. I love your blog though!

In our sea of love

Meg said...

Precious pic of E! And I'm loving baby girls closet!! & that "&" pillow :) Well, I guess I just love everything you do! Have a wonderful day! :)


Bridget said...

i am loving that onesie with the heart on it.

Lindzena said...

Moving into a new apartment, I have plenty of cardboard boats too. :) Good luck facing August, that is definitely a lot to take care of.