Meet Melissa

Hello! Since my current fashion still consists of maternity pants and over sized t-shirts, I thought I'd offer a little inspiration from elsewhere. Meet Melissa of Pink Pistachio. She's a chic family girl with a really fun personality.

Why hello there, For the Love readers! Are you dying to meet Sarah's little Angelnugget as much as I am? HELLO! Like haven't been this excited since the Twilight series. Adding one more darling to their mix is just going to be almost too much to handle! We're all rootin' for ya, sister! At any rate I'm beyond ecstatic that Sarah's asked me to be with you today talking fashion!  

How would you describe your style? Everything but the kitchen sink. I have a strong personality with lots of sides to it. That makes me sound like a nut case. And yes, I guess you could say... at times I am. But that's fun, right? So really... my mood determines my particular style for the day. I do follow trends because it's fun and current. However, my down to core fashion roots would shout, girlie-girl.  
What is the one thing you can not leave your house with out? My baby boytoy. Definitely my favorite fashion accessory! No lie, he makes every lady's head turn, giggle, and grin. He's totally got it. And he flaunts it. Just so happens he gets to be attached to my hip. He definitely makes us look better. If you're asking more along the lines of fashion necessities, I'd say my bulky "pumped up on roids" Michael Kors watch. Is it a parody that I don't use it to tell time? HA! It's true. Strangers will automatically be drawn to me bc it's ginormo size screams, "Ask me what time it is, already!" And more than half of the time, when they ask, I've got it on upside down! Yep. Awkward. So then I'll say, "Why don't you tell me." Really, I wear it more for curb appeal.
What are your favorite places to shop? Where DON'T I like to shop? There are so many choices. Argh. This is hard. Going to have to say if I narrowed it down to my top 5... 1) Nordstrom 2) H&M 3) F21 4) Outlets 5) Online Boutiques slash Etsy  
Where do you find your style inspirations? Anything that I find to be lovely. That may be in the form of a a wildflower I spot in a field or a high fashion editorial ad. Window shopping, people watching, and even web surfing can all inspire style. For me its a matter of transforming things in life I find beautiful into my everyday wardrobe.  
What is one piece of style advice you could give? Start small. Pick one article or accessory & build your outfit around it. Sometimes I'll say, "I'm in the mood to wear this scarf..." So then I grab the scarf & start building the rest of my outfit around it. Above all else - having fun EXPERIMENTING, dagnabbit! :) Sometimes we put WAAY too much pressure on ourselves. Don't be scared - you can always change it. Nothing is set in stone. Try your look on & give yourself a good 360. If you're questioning your look, the answer is, "It probably doesn't work." So take a piece off and replace it with something else until you like what you see! After awhile, there will be less exchanging of pieces and more of getting it right the first time.


Momma Miles said...

Loving the pants! I like the flare but not freaky flare. That should be in the description... or not. ;)

Good to meet you!