Meet Mandi

Meet Mandi. She has great taste and style. (you must follow her on Pinterest) She's also the talent behind my blog design. I went to her specifically, because I knew she'd be able to come up with something simple and modern to match my taste. I cannot rave enough about how helpful, sweet, nice, creative, collaborative, and professional she is. She listened to what I wanted, but also threw in creative suggestions of her own. It was perfect. If you are in the market for a blog re-design and want something less cutesy, and more modern/professional. Mandi's your gal. She helped me figure out how to make my pictures really big, and offered really good suggestions on how to organize my sidebars. Messy sidebars are the worst. Take a look at Mandi's blog too for another lovely yet simple layout. (it's a frequent read for me.) 

She also posts fashion! Frugal fashion at that! Her top is from Walmart! Love. 

If you're serious about a re-design, contact Mandi and let her know you read about her here. She'll offer you a free consultation including a story board to help get the creative juices flowing and get excited about the potential of your brand spankin new blog! 

Thanks Mandi! You're one of a kind!