DIY Doily Dyed Onesie

Hi! Just popping in to say hello. I can't say thanks enough for all the lovely comments in regards to our new baby girl. We're currently adjusting to change at our house. My E man is most certainly feeling the effects of losing his only child status. We're going to take some down time and spend it together as a family with our sweet new babe. We're going to work on easing tantrums and set a goal for some routines. Any remedies for a little case of sibling envy appreciated. :)  In the meantime, I wanted to share a little tutorial I put together for the SEI lifestyle blog. Miss Hazel is modeling the Doily Dyed Onesie. Here's the how to:

I have had a ton of fun with the Tumble Dye products! The dye in spray form makes for endless possibilities, and I love the color selection! Since I have baby girl on the brain, I'm inspired by all things feminine. As mentioned before, I love vintage. What could be more feminine AND vintage than the doily? I decided to create some doily stenciled onsies for my soon to arrive little miss.

 I'm a huge fan! Here's how I did it:

I started out with a plain white onesie. (I buy mine thrift for about a buck) I cut to size a piece of cardboard to use as a barrier in between layers.

I used a simple glue stick to adhere a foil doily where I wanted it on the onesie. They sell doilies like this in the cake decorating section of the craft store. I also used some "grease resistant" ones that worked well too. You just have to make sure they're strong enough that the dye won't soak through. Be generous with the glue stick. The more you use, the better it sticks. Pay careful attention to the edges of the doily to make sure they are stuck down real good.

I sprayed a first layer of dye pretty lightly in the direction I wanted. I really like how the edges get lighter creating an ombre sort of effect. I let that dry, and then sprayed a second layer to darken the color just a bit. Throughout the process, I smoothed down the corners of the doily, to make sure they didn't curl up and allow the dye to bleed through.

After it was dry, I removed the doily to see the result!


Simply. Splendid. Living. said...

Oooh thanks for the tutorial! I gotta try that...just something boyish though since I don't have a girl!

Heidi Jo said...

i would love that on an older girls shirt too! love it!

i expect that we'll be hearing and seeing much less from you in the days/weeks ahead. and that is as it should be. this time is precious and you owe nothing to anyone but your beautiful family and yourself. take care of eachother. adjust, love, and cuddle as you enjoy each special moment.
those of us reading will miss you---but wouldn't want it any other way!


jake and natalie said...

SO CUTE!! You little girl is doll! :) I love the doily dyed onesie - so fun! I would love to see some tutorials on how you made all those adorable bows, especically the one she is wearing in this picture!

Alli said...

For sure going to try this! I have lots of friends having babies soon! I didn't know that kind of dye existed. Hope all is well!

Brittany said...

Your little Hazel is the cutest! I love the tutorial it makes me so excited to welcome our first little girl in two weeks. And Hazel is on my list. I have a little boy too! So fun! Thanks again and good luck with everything! Maybe you will have some tips for me with sibling jealousy in two weeks.

Shay said...

send him our way anytime you need a little free time..better yet send them both my way!! Really feel free to ask anytime. Scout loved having him over. & yes SAVOR every second because the newborn weeks are done in an instant :(

Rachel said...

Great idea!


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Ohhh my goodness these are just too cute! AND she is just as precious as can be

Silvia said...

Cute! I think she looks A LOT like E!

Design A-Peele said...

oh my gosh! She is absolutely precious! Congrats!!!!

Momma Miles said...

So cool and what a great way to cover the nastiness that happens to onesies!

Every time we bring a baby home (we're up to 4) we deal with a transition. Take care of yourself first because it's hard to be patient with a disgruntled child when you're on edge. You're on the right track, it just takes time.

Shellsea said...

what a great idea. and your little girl is the cutest thing eva!

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