weekend love: a little low key

This weekend we kept it a little low key. Especially on the picture side of things. As much as I love documenting our experiences, sometimes it's nice to not have to worry about the camera. We did take E to his first movie on the "big, big, movie screen." Trav and I hate going to movies. Is that bad to admit? Every movie theater experience we have ever had together includes witnessing a drunken argument, sitting near the infamous "laugher," (you know, the one that has a really loud, obnoxious, or over dramatic laugh and finds every. single. sentence and scene hilarious?) or my favorite: a suspicious sheep-man who finds the need to showcase his best and most realistic Baaaaa during the most silent or intense points in the movie. I'll take my living room couch. It's just that I have a Disney's Cars obsessed 2 year old, and we had free tickets.

If there was one image I wish I could have captured from this weekend, it was my little boy looking miniature in his own giant movie seat with a napkin full of popcorn, and his nearly ragged blanky he insisted he bring with.We did take these:

denim button down: consignment $2, vest: thrifted $1 DI@ 56th seersuckers: consignment $3 shoes: consignment: $3

Pretty handsome eh? If it's allowed, a week later, here are some of our 4th of July parade highlights.

 Picking up candy of course.
 Loving on cousins.

Lots of pop-its.

First pixie stick experience.


Monica Whitney said...

Once again your hair blows me away. It always looks PERFECT.

Ask the Duplex

Heidi Jo said...

i'm not a movie theatre fan either. not sure why, as i've never experienced bad movie goers....but i like to watch my tele in my pj's. :o)

i love the wedgie cut your hair is in right now. it's growing out NICELY! pretty mama.

Rachael said...

THAT'S low key on photography?! It looks magazine perfect.
You are so, so gifted.

Marie said...

We took our little guy to see Cars 2, too :) I snapped a picture with my phone to remember how cute he looked in that big chair! Cute July 4 pics. Hope you're feeling well.

A Girl Named Miss Kate said...

Your hair is ALWAYS AMAZING!!!! I am a cosmetologist so that is like the first thing I notice:]

and your baby belly is so cute!!!

Maggy R. said...

Love that first pic of u two!! the kids are cute with the matching colors :)!! wish it was more of a big deal in Spain, not the 4th of course, the 12th of october over here :)
I 'll always remember the 4th in Morgan, utah :) when I was living there. everyone watching fireworks on their blankets on the "garden" of the elementary school! Ü great memory!!

Felicia said...

Oh my gosh I found your blog today completely randomly and I love your style! Love all the thrifting you do as well!