RFF: Comfy with a little jewelry

  May I just wear over sized light weight plaid button ups the rest of my pregnancy? (4 weeks!) Thank you. I'm done with too tight, I'm done with too small, and I'm done with anything that is not extremely breathable and really comfortable. 

button up tee: thrifted  cut-offs: DIY

The good news is, my friend Anna sent me this darling little love letter post card necklace. For some reason, I don't own a whole lotta jewelry, so It's been great wearing it with most anything. Do you love it? Check out her shop!


Will and Abby said...

You are so lovely. I wish you all the rest and comfort you can get these next four weeks!

Cat said...

I will second the motion for you to live in snuggly, comfy clothes for the rest of your pregnancy :) You look lovely and what a great necklace!

xx Cat

LaynahRose said...

Yes! Do it!

Love the necklace :)

Andrea Neudorf said...

Love the shorts you're wearing!

Naomi. said...

I love this outfit, and I cannot believe how quick you pregnancy seems to have gone. I cannot wait to see photos of your little one. :) .


Maggy R. said...

you look very comfy!!! being pregnant in summer must be the hardest of all year!! Just a few weeks to go and ur little girl will be here!!!lovely necklace <3 :)

Anna of IHOD said...

Sarah, you are such a beautiful preggo mama!
Thanks for celebrating with me and so happy you like the necklace. It was fun to gift friends!
Talk soon!