Paris Party Centerpieces

I can now reveal the centerpieces I created on for the Uppercase Living convention!
They held a big soiree at the Paris hotel, so a Parisian theme was a must! I started with some inspiration pictured above. Sources can be linked back from Pinterest.
Crafted what felt like a billion and one paper pinwheels.
Scoured the thrift stores for mass milk glass vases

A few hundred wooden skewers, some paper flags, and voilĂ ! 
(paper flags detailed with vinyl lettering)


Kelsey Ann Hicks said...

Those are INCREDIBLE! Love the use of the white vases, I see them all the time and love them but never know what to do with them.

London said...

Stunning and so fun. I love this!

Little Miss Penny Wenny said...

Darling, Sarah! I can't imagine making that many. You are a patient woman!


Maggy R. said...

love those!! How are they made? u can just find over internet?
great job, the display look duper cute!

Lindzena said...

Oh my goodness!! I love those pinwheels with the cute flags - I would absolutely make something like that for fourth of july decorations at well!