weekend love: father's day

 My internet has been down. I hate it when that happens! So here it is Tuesday, and I'm posting about Father's day weekend. I hope you don't mind. On Saturday morning, Trav treated himself to some golf. So, naturally E and I laid (not sure I'll ever know the right way to say lay, lie lied, layed) in bed all morning. I looked over at him with his sippy cup, his Buzz Lightyear jammies, his bed head hair, and his exposed toddler tummy, and said to myself: remember this.

He and I worked hard this weekend on a special gift for daddy. A couple of weeks ago, I feel I scored big on a lot of vintage ties at the D.I. Trav wears a tie nearly every day, so he can never have enough. 

Can you tell I'm drawn to stripes? My favorite tie is the uber skinny on the far left. 

Then I wrapped. I wrapped them all up in something that I will call tie cakes. 

They look yummy right? 

Finished off with wrap hand "colored" with love. 
I didn't leave E out either. He got his own special tie. 
Boy, did he wear it well.


Amy N. said...

That top picture of E is just precious! I love how you wrapped those ties! And you look gorgeous in the bottom picture!

Rachael said...

What a sweet gift, morning picture and outfit! Goodness, your dress and boots (and his tie!) are all so beautiful.

andrea said...

Sarah i love the tie cake idea, and i'm adoring your cute dress!

geri e. said...

You did happen upon some awesome vintage tie finds!!!! Good job!

I loved how you said "remember this" to yourself—I say that to myself too on occasion, during those perfectly sweet, ordinary moments. Love.

(and love your dress)

Team Babb said...

I LOVE your style!! What a wonderful and unique idea!!! Great inspiration. Adore your blog!


Ramsey said...

Those "tie cakes" are the absolute cutest, most creative thing I've ever seen. I am off to scour for some vinage ties for me lovie pronto. I'm a sucker for a cute man in a nice tie!