weekend love: commencement activities

This weekend consisted of a husband out of town and plenty of commencement activities. I learned that these "activities" have now become rather politically correct on the account that they are now called commencement activities as opposed to...graduation? I also caught a Snooki reference and learned that she spoke as a part of Rutger's University's commencement activities. I'm still confused about what her expertise might be under that particular circumstance.

me, with my sisters

All and all it was fun to reminisce about being 18 and having no clue what kind of things were ahead of me. I must say, it was also inspiring when following the ceremony E dropped his pants in front of a large crowd of eager grads and their families. 

Seriously, the kid can't keep em up. They literally just fall down. It seems no matter how close I try to size them he just has no bum to keep them from falling down.We've experimented with different sizes, brands, etc. Do they make belts for kids this little? 

 As I mentioned last week, I made a little something for my girls who graduated. I figured they could use something fancy to keep some of the cash flow they received in.

Possibly one of my favorite parts of this weekend: the peanut butter and banana waffles we had. 

I'm glad to have my husband back. I kind of hate it when he's gone. He does all sorts of things for me that I tend to take for granted.


Momma Miles said...

We're living that pants falling down @ all times dream. It's quite inspiring. Or not. I'm bringing back suspenders. It's my calling in life!

She Loves The Color Pink said...

You look so great in that picture! Just glowing :) I bought a belt for Charlie at children's place--it's a life saver!

Heather said...

ONElittleBELT on Etsy sells the cutest belts-and they're such good quality! I got one for my little guy and it's so cute!

Annastacia said...

Ha ha your little boy is too cute! I am days away from having a little boy myself and have been having SO much fun making little ties and putting together outfits! As for the belt I bought a slim women's belt (something skinny enough for a little boy and with a small enough buckle) and cut it down to size and then just punched new holes. It's super darling and works like a charm! And since you are a master thrifter it should only cost you about .50! Good luck :)

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said...

a friend's Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ONElittleBELT

Amy N. said...

They do make belts, well not really, but they have belts in the boys section and we buy the smallest ones and add a few holes in them.

That breakfast looks awesome! You look gorgeous! Congratulations to your sister on commencing! :)

Heidi Jo said...

hopefully dropping the drawers at 'graduation' isn't something that he'll be doing at 18 too :o)

what the heck is the story w/ the commencment 'activities'? i THINK that here in the midwest we still call it graduation. we're a bit behind the times though, and that's the way we like it...uh-huh, un-huh! :o) is that so that non-graduating seniors can participate even if they didn't pass or finish? weird.

beauty runs in the family, you all look lovely!

andrea said...

oh my gosh Sarah I can't believe your sisters are graduating from high school! holy cow! I swear they are still like 6 year olds in my mind! CRAZY how old we are getting! by the way, i LOVE the gift you made them. So cute!

Sarai and Nancy said...

ahhh! I graduate in literally less than two weeks and then I'll be headed to BYU.....so I know EXACTLY what you're referring to about being 18 and not knowing...holy moley!

London said...

What fun! Good luck with E. pants. I say suspenders. Otherwise he will always be running around with his hands on his belt loops holding them up. Or just leave em. Makes for good memories.

Monica Whitney said...

Looks like gorgeous-ness runs in the family.

Ask the Duplex

Carolyn said...

How on earth is Snooki qualified to speak at any commencement?! I'm appalled. Also, congrats to your sister! I just graduated from college and STILL have no idea what I'm doing with my life. I think it's less fun at 22 than at 18, when it's mostly exciting. Now, it's mostly terrifying!

Savannah said...

I keep forgetting to call my graduation a commencement :) I'm so hungry after that last picture! YUM!!

Tanya said...

Love your blog. I got a belt for my little girl in the little boy section of gap. Here are a few options but I'm sure there are other places out there too.
http://store.americanapparel.net/rsawbtk.html?cid=135 (I don't see why a boy couldn't wear a simple belt like this)
http://store.americanapparel.net/rsasus1.html?cid=135 (suspenders are cute too!)
You could also make your own belt with some webbing and D-rings. Hope this helps.

Nina said...


We have used them for both of our girls and they work like a dream!

Vivian said...

E is too cute; you have such a beautiful family! I can't wait until you share pictures of the new addition when she comes.

And just a minor correction: Nobel Prize winner/author, Toni Morrison, spoke at the Rutgers University commencement. Snooki was just a "celebrity" guest at one of the student events the school held in March or something. Her presence had nothing to do with anyone's graduation, thank goodness.