School Bus Birthday part 2

 (singing happy birthday to himself)

On E's birthday I was talking to a friend, and she asked me if I was "heartsick." She said she always gets heartsick on her kid's birthdays. I wasn't sure that was a good way to describe how I was feeling. I made it through the entire day without a single tear over the fact that my baby had now turned 2, and very soon it wouldn't be just the 2 of us anymore. It was the next morning as I was alone getting ready for work, that I lost my composure and bawled for possibly the extent of 30 minutes. It wasn't really a sad or "mourning" cry. After all, he is the most joyful part of my life. I cried because I just feel so blessed that he belongs to me. I cried over the thought of celebrating this sweet and amazing little boy that somehow came to me. I've now been lucky enough to spend 2 years with him, with the last better than the first. I'm not sure how I ever lived without his little feet pattering around my house. Without him banging on the sliding glass window any second he can find in the day, or without his little voice calling me mommy Sarah, mama, and mommy. I adore being his mom, and there's nothing more I'd rather do than spend the next several years celebrating another year of his life.

more pics from the party:

 I found these little school chairs for $2 at the thrift store. I thought it made a perfect little birthday boy present opening spot.

Some presents from mom and dad:

Entertaining the crowd.
He adores his new rug.

He made sure to give everyone a "love" and tell them thanks.


Naomi. said...

Aww that is such a good idea for a party. I just love how creative you are :) .


Sarah said...

What a fun party! You did a great job!

LaynahRose said...

Oh man I am such a sap lately. I teared up a little, not gonna lie. I love reading about the sweet mother-son love and cant wait to have something like this in my own due time.

London said...

Cute cute. I love his happy little face in all the pics. How you can feel heartsick with a face like that?

Laura Lynn said...

Awesome! It looks like a great party. I can't wait to throw a birthday party for Blair's 6th in fall.

I have the same school chairs that I bought for 2 bucks also at an antique shop a while back. I loved them so much that I bought six!