Weekend love: Spring in the air

This weekend was all about Spring. I did a lot of Spring cleaning in preparation for hosting this month's Bunco.

poppy seed bundt cake and little vintage sugar cookies
 Scored myself one of those cute little wooden dessert showcases for $1.50. (I think they were made for cheese?) Aren't they cute though?
Prizes. Cute prints in lacquered thrift store frames.
I found a darling Peeps printable handout but I couldn't get to a color printer, so I hand wrote all of mine which hurt a little. You should use the printable download.

Once it was over, E and I ate Peeps in my bed. Don't tell Trav. He hates it when I eat in the bed, but it's really one of my favorite pastimes. I would eat there every meal if I could.

On Saturday, the weather was so beautifully gorgeous, that we took full advantage.
We learned about "tatoe heads" aka Potato Bugs.
We colored with sidewalk chalk. Notice the concentration in the lower lip..
Have you ever tried strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar? It's one of my favorite treats, so I decided to introduce it to E.
At first he found it to be a bit sour. I was a little surprised he knew the definition of the word sour well enough to express it to me.
Then, I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it.


beau&lindee said...

i love the banner in the first picture
the sourcream/brownsugar dip is amazing!

Kendra said...

Ohh adorable!!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

that treat sounds great to me. i wanna try...

She Loves The Color Pink said...

Fun weekend! Ok, I've been too nervous my whole life to try the sourcream/brown sugar dip. Maybe I will finally give it a try!

H and E said...

Oh how I miss Bunco. I should start a group up here!!! I love your Saturday with E, it looks perfectly delightful. What I would give for some warm weather!

Amy N. said...

The party looks beautiful! I've never tried strawberries in brown sugar sour cream dip, sounds strange but I want to try it! I can't even express how adorable Mr. E is though!

Meg said...

I love your Easter decor!! So cute!! I need to get on that! ;)


The Pretty Life Anonymous said...

Are you joking me?? How cute are your bunco treats?? I LOVE!

Job and Rachael said...

love, love, love all of this :) What a great weekend :)

Monica Whitney said...

This post is pure happiness. I feel so happy looking at it.


Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

I love your Spring decor...great part decorating too...and yes it looks like he enjoyed those Strawberries a lot!

rivertonfsa said...

Great job on bunco! It was so much fun!!!! Your so great!!! xoxoxo

Kerrian said...

that last one was from me ~ oops signed into my other acct :) ~ Kerrian