Weekend love: RFF and local event

I was happy to see the April SNOW melt away this weekend, and decided to go no nylons. Pretty edgy right? My baby bump is becoming a lot less subtle these days, and pants are getting tighter and tighter. I think stretchy skirts will be a staple over the next few months... Chambray: Ralph Lauren. DI @ Centerville $4 (little boy's section) Top: Gap outlet. So old. Necklace: F21 $6 Skirt: Birthday gift.

 Shoes: DI@ Tooele $4

I also attended one of my favorite thrifty events. Twice a year, Hilltop United Methodist Church in Sandy puts on a HUGE consignment sale for all things baby, kid, and maternity. You can buy and sell, and it does not disappoint! It's a great place to find used strollers, jogging strollers, highchairs, and swings in great condition, and a great way to get some gently used name brand clothing for really cheap. A percentage of the proceeds goes to benefit the church itself, and they donate most left over items to charity, so it's a great cause. The Hilltop ladies are very particular about the items they accept, so you know you'll always get items in really good condition. Some of them even still have tags on. I never miss the presale because it's the first pick of all the items. It's one of the few sales that I'm willing to wait in line in the snow for. This year I was searching for GIRL and boy. Here are some of my finds:

 Gymboree cardigan: $3 Gap pleated khaki skirt with bow detail: $3.50 Baby Keds: (like brand new) $2 Gorgeous crochet blanket in the perfect color: $3

Cherokee boat shoes: $3 New Balance sneakers: $4 Seersucker pants: $3

This sale is my absolute favorite for shoes, because they're usually under $5 and look great. E grows out of shoes so dang fast, so I hate spending a ton of money on them, but of course I want them to be stylish!

Oh and they have TOYS!! We purchased most of E's Christmas at the Fall sale for around $20. They usually have great boutique toys. We picked up mostly wood toys. This year I grabbed a huge bag of alphabet magnents for $1. So worth it.

The next sale is in the Fall on September 23rd and 24th. You can join the Hilltop UMW Children's and Maternity Sale Facebook group and request to be on the mailing list if you're interested.


Elaine said...

Your baby bump is SO cute!

Elizabeth said...

Sarah, that little bump of yours is adorable! Especially in those bold stripes. I just found out about that confinement sale and checked it out last week. I REALLY want to go to the pre-sale next time. Do you have to volunteer to go to the pre-sale? My sister-in-law said the pre-sale was for volunteers (she volunteered so she could go), but are there other people that go as well?

Miranda said...

You look amazing, I love that you're showing off your bump.
That skirt is fabulous.


Tiffany said...

What great deals!! My little guy outgrows his shoes so incredibly fast too. Or if he doesn't outgrow them first, he wears them out in no time. lol Consignment sales are the perfect solution!

I love those stripes for showcasing your cute baby bump!

Kelli said...

You are probably the cutest pregnant woman in the world.

Monica Whitney said...

You make horizontal stripes on your lower half look like a "must".


Justine said...

I love the skirt with your baby bump!

Amazing little things you picked up at the sale. That crochet blanket for $3?! Amazing deal. It's so much work for a handmade baby blanket

Just Better Together

Shay said...

i thought i was going to be your chaparone to this spring sale..maybe the fall one...
your skirt is super cute

katherine said...

you honestly are the cutest thing ever!! love your outfit and you are such a good mom, you are such an amazing example :)

Tessa said...

You and your baby bump are the cutest thing I have EVER seen! Oh goodness. Plus those red shoes are adorable!!


emily+brett said...

i need a skirt just like that!! it looks so comfortable. you said birthday gift but did they make it? if not where did it come from? really i'm thinking of going and getting some stretchy fabric and making one because i'm in need of a new skirt.

Silvia said...

So good to see you guys yesterday! I am always caught off guard when running errands in gym clothes, lol. You look amazing, btw!

Heidi Sue said...

What great finds! That baby girl sweater looks adorable!
Aaaah, this post makes me impatient for garage sales, my little man needs clothes!

makeupandjeans.com said...

I love that you are wearing a stripped skirt!! lol Your baby bump does look so cute!

I esp. love baby boy shoes. The ones you got are adorable!!

shopping4love said...


Meg said...

Ahhh, you look SO great! Love that skirt :)