weekend love: date night with syd, party time, & a candy house

This weekend was seriously a lot of fun. Let me tell you something about myself. I love plans. Well, most plans. Plans that involve friends, plans that involve eating, plans that involve celebrating. Trav & plans...not so much. He likes to stay in. He likes to hang out at home. Isn't it true what they say about opposites attract? This weekend was all about my kind of plans. It doesn't always happen this way. I try not to boggle all our weekends down with my kind of plans, so Trav can have his kind of plans. When I do boggle us down, he's very good to come along for the ride. 

On Thursday, I got a text from my friend Sydney. You know her? I thought so. She was stopping through Utah and wanted to have a date! So I promised her I'd plan something to be remembered.
In her honor, I have prepared an awkward/awesome run down of our date night.

Making a comment between us girls and having the pizza dude SURE we were talking to him. When realizing he just embarrassed himself, he lets out a total fake laugh and pretends he was still a apart of the conversation...
E man making friends with a sweet little toddler at the cupcake shop and having her dad say to me, "So your son's takin' a liking to my daughter??" in a protective dad-I've got a shotgun-kind of voice. What?? They're not even 2 yet?
This website for Christmas Utah and the fact that this dude takes it upon himself to classify his light display as the ultimate Utah Christmas experience. Not to mention the public service announcements involved with the light display. 
Ordering a Chicken Bacon Pizza and hoping to experience something semi-gourmet, and then getting home and realizing you smelled like a bacon farm (i made that up.) the entire night. (Considered burning my clothing.) 

Meeting Tys and realizing he's exactly. like. Syd. describes. him.*
Having Syd take pictures of E only to watch him rapidly run towards her and practically tackle her in a hug.
Visiting the Sweet Tooth Fairy for the first time and tasting a cake bite (or two.)
A crazy awesome light display set to music that totally gets you in the Christmas mood. 
Chats about blogging, fashion, kids, life, and family with 2 pretty awesome friends.
Syd's (faux) fur vest.

*Have you ever read Syd's blog and wondered if her husband is really that perfect? Sometimes I read it and think really? He calls her sugar, and takes all her pictures, and kisses her on the tummy to wake her up? Believe it.

Also this weekend, E attended his very first official birthday party. -Cue the Star Wars opening song-

After he successfully completed Jedi training, E received...
A chocolate cupcake!

This time of year for us has been so fun, because E is grasping many of the Christmas concepts, and trying some of my favorite holiday traditions for the first time. 

Like decorating gingerbread houses (aka) graham cracker candy houses. 

He truly made this house all by himself. So proud.


Sydney said...

OK. WELLL. That cupcake jedi picture just melted my heart. It's literally on the floor right now. A complete ball of mush. How I WISH I could have been there to see him!!! I love it!
And that awkward and awesome list just COMPLETELY made it for me! I laughed right out loud about that waiter ... TOTALLY awkward. So glad you caught that.

Brain twins. I swear.

Natalie Brooke said...

You guys sound like my and my twin. I really want to find a blogging twin, wish me luck!! ps: that picture of him in the jedi suit is the most adorable thing ever!! what a cute idea!! haha. great awkward/awesome list! :)

A Smaller Me...Katie To Be said...

I just want to say, I Love your hair. ok glad I got that out.

-Sam I Am- said...

so nice to find your blog via Syd! she is the greatest and i can already tell you are great as well :) seriously, how beautful are you and your family?!?! holy smokes!

i have connected with another blogger like you and Syd have and it's just the greatest. I really do feel like i've found a long lost twin.

i adore all your photos and cannot wait to keep reading all your posts and thoughts :) best wishes my dear!

gangsterpixiestyle said...

I'm going to come back and read this when I am not so sleepy. Promise! The pictures are cute though!

O O N A said...

ha ha i totally love the fact that you're both blogging abou this meeting. and the beatles shirt? priiicelessss. i'm glad he's introduced to greatness on such an early age

The Suburb Experiment said...

This is so cute! It seems all my bloggie friends live too far away to get together easily.

Heidi Ferguson said...

Mmm...bacon farm...

So that awkward waiter thing reminded me of a super embarrassing yet hilarious story that maybe I'll have to share on my blog sometime. I tried to write it here but it's kinda long.

Cutest. Gingerbread house. Ever.


Ashley said...

looks like such a fun weekend! Cute blog :)

Ashley Hasty said...

I loved reading about your weekend with Sydney. I'm now your newest follower thanks to Sydney introducing her readers to you!


Anna Liesemeyer said...

Awww Sarah thanks for he recap! I am so happy you two got to connect. SO FUN!!! And little E is adorable as always, and you two ladies are STUNNING...as always:D

Have a wonderful Christmas week!! Yay!

Nicole said...

Aww your son is totally adorable. I love the Jedi outfit!

rebeccaheartsslc said...

That chocolate-covered Jedi face is Adorable!

kristine said...

Umm... you guys hang out?! You two are like a blogging power couple! Amazing!

Kristine. Or Polly.

Savoir Affaire said...

What a fun post! I pretty much visited every link you included and it was like an adventure. I'm glad you had such a good time! I bet Christmas will be even better! Happpy Holidays!!! YAY!!!

Meg said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend! :)

& I love that little gram cracker house!

Merry Christmas, my love!!

Marissa said...

glad you guys had such a fun weekend! your kid is too cute, i just want to pinch his cheeks (does that sound creepy? i didn't mean it to).


The Handbags Blog

Georgi said...

I'd like a son like yours when I grow up. he's SO lovely
best wishes!
(i'm following you )

Kelli said...

Oh my gosh. E is the cutest thing on the planet!

Anyways, I'm a new follower...you can thank Syd, who's had massive amounts of good things to say about you...and I am loving your blog so far. Can't wait to see more :)

Orla xx said...

Cutest little boy ever! xx

kara lynn said...

those photos are lovely. and your hair is gorgeous. i must try out the bakery, sounds amazing!

Genn said...

Hi Sarah! Holy cow you have a lot of "followers". I see why. Your blog is great and your hair is SO cute. I'd love to cut mine like that and if it wasn't so darn curly I would. Glad to have found your blog. Merry Christmas to ya! Hope you don't mind if I come back.

Justine said...

your son is so adorable

Just Better Together

ag. said...

Ooh, I want to be friends with both of you!! :) And how adorable is your little guy!? SO CUTE!

Megann Monday said...

Hi, it's my first time here! Saw the link to your page on Sydney's blog. Your little man is so cute! Even more when he has a chocolate filled face! LOL babies are just too adorable!

I'm AE Jones said...

Just found your blog from Sydney... LOVE IT! You're darling. Merry Christmas! xoxo

FunkPunky said...

Your son is wearing the coolest Beatles shirt ever!