I {heart} gift wrap guest post: inexpensive wrap ideas and calligraphy tags

 Oh for treat! Today's guest is Melissa Esplin! I am a huge fan of hers. She's got to be one of the most talented mamas in the state of Utah. I swear this girl can do everything! I adore her blog and the fact that we share a serious love for thrift shopping. I'm still hoping I can be more like her when I grow up.

P.S. Her calligraphy is to die for. Sometimes I practice and end up with crumpled paper balls up to my waist.

 Hello! It's Melissa of I Still Love you (aka IS•LY pronounced /iz•lee/). I'm really excited to share with you a few of my gift wrapping tips today! I absolutely love it when a gift comes in an easily wrappable box or fits inside a box I have lying around the house! Boxes are just so much easier & prettier to decorate & wrap, don't you agree?

I wrapped this little gift with wrapping paper found at Walmart for $2.50, ribbon I found at the American Crafts Warehouse sale for $1, white cardstock I had on hand & (my personal favorite) sequin flocked paper courtesy of We R Memory Keepers. I'm more than a tad obsessed with calligraphy, so I labeled these presents with fancy cursive. If you don't have fancy cursive, but want a touch of elegance, download the free font England Hand & print out the names for your tags!
The gift I got for my sister, however, didn't come in a neatly wrappable box. Instead of a lumpy package, I snagged my fave silver scrapbook paper & sewed a little pouch. When my sewing machine works, it's super slick! Just a zip, zip & BOOM! You're done. For this wrapping I used ribbon & scrapbook paper found at the American Crafts Warehouse sale. The paper was something like 10¢ and the ribbon was $1. Again, for the tag I used white cardstock & sequin flocked paper. The tags on both gifts are oversized (so fun!) and just about make the gift topple over. I like that.

I also used clear return address labels as a decorative substitute for clear tape. I like how this looks, but I'd recommend using this on a simply patterned wrapping paper. If you'd like to use this same technique, check out the free download here. I hope this gives you a few ideas for gift wrapping this year!



Sara C said...

For small boxes/presents I sometimes like to wrap them in pretty pages I rip out of fashion magazines. And for larger ones I sometimes like to wrap them in old newspapers and then choose a very bright, metallic or colorful ribbon over the black and white newsprint :)

Chelsea said...

I challenged my mother to a gift wrapping duel this year and it just resulted in the cutest gifts ever. I took advantage of craft paper (which we all know makes everything instantly better) natural twine and poinsettia potpourri, you can check out the results here. I can not WAIT for the next opportunity I have to wrap gifts... I totally want to try this sewing with craft paper idea and you've reignited my interest in calligraphy! Could you perhaps elaborate on how to sew with craft paper, though? I just see utter chaos in my mind's eye... thank you so much for sharing!

Early to Rise

Righteous Republic said...

Wow, those are some fancy packages. I also love that she SEWED up that cute little pouch!

I definitely need to be working on my wrapping skills.

Thanks for the pointers!
<3 Kali

Melissa said...

@Chelsea, sewing paper is one of the funnest things ever!! You want to make sure your tension is about zero & I like to use the longest straight stitch available.

Just give it a try! You'll find yourself sewing paper every chance you get!

silvergirl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog
I used to do calligraphy in college and even got paid to address envelopes. Haven't done it in years, might have to track down a calligraphy pen now.

a pretty penny said...

These are beautiful!!

ashley said...

want that glitter paper!

Huchette Crew said...

thanks so much for the idea. It is so cute.

Nubiasnonsense said...

Pretty packaging =)

A La Mode et Plus! said...

Those presents are wrapped so nicely! I always adore wrapping my christmas presents and making them pretty :)

Shell in your Pocket said...

I love gift wrap too..sometimes it's almost as good as the gift inside!

sandy toe