I {heart} gift wrap guest post: tag inspiration

First things first. I finally sent out my Christmas cards! I figure they should probably be receiving them by New Years now. Oh well. Wanna know which one I picked?

Now I just need to get my gifts wrapped. Which brings me to today! Today's guest post comes from my friend Mandi. She is one of the kindest bloggers I know! I found her blog quite sometime ago and love following because she has uber chic modern style and always introduces me to something new and hip. Seriously, most of my bookmarks came from her blog list. She's also the talent behind the new layout and design of my blog. I could not love it more and cannot thank her enough. Check out her wrapping skills! 

Hello lovelies! Let's talk tags for a minute. They are the sweet figurines on the top of a cake, the cherry on the sundae, the star on top of the tree...pretty much all things good. And they incorporate type, which just makes me even happier! It's like there are two cherries on my sundae and suddenly I can share with my husband. Because if there is just one, I don't know. I really like cherries.

Since these are so very very important to your gift, I thought I would round up a few of my favorites from around the web.

Gorgeous, right? Don't you think your gifts deserve such pretty things? I do! And since I'm a lover of all things free and pretty, I thought I'd have fun adding a set into the mix as well.

Click to download your free and simple holiday tag! Simple, right? Simple is quite possibly my favorite word ever, but a black and white tag might be a bit too minimalist for even me. With a few on hand supplies, you can dress these up easily.

I printed the sheet out on kraft paper (oh how I love kraft-automatically makes them better) and cut them all out. Now, you see those tags with just to: on them? Well, that's a little game for you to play Christmas morning! On each tag, draw something that represents the person you're giving the gift to (headphones for my brother, a guitar for my husband) so everyone gets to figure out which present goes to which person. If we had more than two people in our house, we'd be all over that, but since it's just husband and I, I added some regular tags too.

 For the these littles, I grabbed my 1" circle punch and got easy circles. This present is for my Dad's stocking, so I figured he would know it's for him anyhow. :) For the first photo, I simply ran my circle through my Xyron that I got at Wal-Mart for about $8. These are great to make your own stickers, and makes gifting quick and easy! I love how the circle fits right on the Ikea napkin. Pretty napkins are great and cheap wrapping paper for small items.

For the second photo I pinned the tag onto the napkin, giving it a sweeter side. You could pin a special ornament along with it. Lastly, I took something I always have on hand, white crepe paper, and hot glued it to the back of the tag, pleating as I went along. You could add some silver glitter to the outside of the circle or along the edge of the crepe paper.

I hope these ideas help you in your gifting journey this week. Thanks Sarah for all this great inspiration!

Be sure to visit Mandi for more inspiration always at her blog: Thinking about Pretty.


Heidi Ferguson said...

Hi! Found your blog thru the Daybook. I am loving your short hairdo! I have always had to have short hair cuz long hair just doesn't seem to work on me. I'm getting ready for my next hairdo, so I wanna know how yours was cut? PS I also love your cute outfits!


gangsterpixiestyle said...

Hey! I love your new layout!

The Elegant Bohemian said...

Great pics and ideas! I found your blog through Daybook. You have such a cute style! ~Serene

Amy said...

I am so in love with the tags from eat drink chic! I will be printing a few of those out for sure! Thanks for the great links! Your blog is darling!

H and E said...

I love the picture you chose, so cute!!!


kristine said...

Oh, your family is adorable!! Love your card :)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...
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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

beautiful family picture - and inspiring christmas wrapping. i have a few more gifts to wrap so might have to use these ideas!

btw your blog is so lovely. i'm glad i stumbled upon it! happy weekend!

Lauren said...

These are great! You're very creative. :)
Merry Christmas!

A Slip Shop said...

Wow, super cute and creative tags. LOVE them.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Love the card and your whole family is so stylish! You guys look great!


Amber Whitecliffe and Hilary Johnston said...

how gorgeous! i just discovered your blog and feel extremely inspired!
the red bunting for xmas is a fab idea :)
much ♥ amber


danielle @ take heart said...

im in love with your christmas card, friend.

emily said...

love this post, love your hair, i too, love it all.


lauryn mack said...

Hi! I love your gift tags and would love to use them for our family Christmas this weekend. When I clicked to download them, the page wasn't found. Could you possibly e-mail me the pdf? My e-mail is lauryn_mack@yahoo.com.

Thanks much! I really enjoy your blog - have a happy new year!