Weekend Love: Dinner, Football, & a Hot Sunday.

We hit the restaurant scene again.Turns out no matter how much time has passed since the last time you ate out, when you have a near 18 month old (16 and 3 quarters to be exact) the behavior doesn't change. Let me tell you. I've got an independent and sometimes just plain defiant soul on my hands. Here's a little peak into my current rules and regulations handbook, written by a toddler who's gaining early manipulation skills. 

  • Must hold everything BY MYSELF. No matter how heavy, how messy, how breakable or how inconvenient the desirable item of the moment might be. These descriptives only make the item more desirable and may result in a firmer grip. 
  • If anything be sticky, carbonated, greasy, red, or filled with sugar, I seek after these things. Regardless of whether it is before after or during healthy meals which I will decide whether to throw on the floor, or wipe on my clothing, hair and face.
  • If you don't give me what I want at the exact moment I want it, you are required to hear me out as I scream, cry, grunt, and even kick the floor. I will choose the severity and volume of the reaction based on how extreme I feel the situation requires and how long it's been since I've slept.
  • I am the first. The first grandchild to one set and the only boy to the other. I will use every cute trick, charming look, and witty grin to my ultimate advantage. 
And there you have it. I'm currently reading 3 different discipline books for insight. I wanna get a head start and see if I can't figure out how to teach this boy some manners while maintaining my patience and loving disposition. Tips anyone? 

In the mean time I have some tips of my own. When taking an 18 M old to a restaurant:

 Bring his own sippy as to avoid lengthy arguments and messy spills.

 Invite a grandparent to assist. (are you seeing these faces?)
Share your appetizer.

I wore a spiffy/thrifty outfit to dinner.

 Headband: Charlotte Russe: $2, Top: J Crew via auction retailer $7, Army Green Cargos:Thrifted $5, Jacket: F21, Belt: Thrifted, $2, Shoes: Micheal Kors:Thrifted, $4.

I made these homemade Oreos:
They were for the game. The football game. Have I mentioned I hate football? On Saturday I was in the bathroom getting ready and E was toddeling by my side dumping my shampoo down the tub and unloading the hot curlers I obviously never use due to the boyishly short hair length. I thought it would be a good idea to ask him what his father might be up to. His reply without a single skip of hesitation? "foo-ball."

We had family pictures taken. We're in hopes of at least 1 decent shot that we can include on our Christmas card. Can I just say that having family photos done is probably one of the most stressful activities/situations next to taking the ACT for the 3rd time? From coordinating outfits, to gathering props, to coming up with a location, to the previously mentioned toddler rule book, it took quite a lot out of me. I mentioned after the last photo shoot, that E refuses to smile for any pictures that we will be paying for. This time was even more difficult since he's become quite a bit more mobile ( he wasn't even walking last time) and he's built his back arching muscles/skills to a t. The good news? I successfully clothed my husband in the Mr. Shue look-a-like fashion I've been dreaming about, for under $25. Sans the curly hair. Can't wait to show you!

We watched Toy Story 3 which I deem one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I've truly been waiting for the day that I have children old enough to watch Disney movies and cartoons so I have an excuse to participate.

We watched The Bounty Hunter which I deem one of the most boring movies I've seen in a long time. Although I have to admit that anytime I watch a Jen Aniston movie I very carefully study her features. From her sickeningly perfect tresses to her ridiculously and most certainly un-40 like assets, in an effort to duplicate her fountain of youth success.

Last to report was our Primary program. I teach a Sunday class of nearly 10 3 year olds. Oh how I love those kids. They teach me so many things about love and purity. They also require a whole lotta patience, and a whole lotta energy. Picture all of us in front of the congregation with 1 and a half on my lap and the others stretching, picking, hitting, or standing and waving. Picture an entire sacrament meeting of rearranging 2 kids that are kissing, 2 kids that are pushing, taking one down to use the potty, taking one down who wants her mom. Consoling a bruised cheek, breaking up a fight. Timing turns on my lap, convincing one to stop jumping. Etc. Etc. At one point the little girl taking a turn on my lap put her hand on my chest, and then put it on my face. "You're hot." she says. "Is the sun hot?" She was right. I was literally sweating from all of that hard work. It was definitely worth a laugh.

I almost forgot. I hit the vintage boot jackpot. Are all of these in my size? No. Did I buy all of them? 5 of the 7. I might be selling them.

Forgot to mention that I'm doing a guest outfit post today @ Whatever Dee-Dee wants!


Monica said...

What a fun and varied post! I think it's great that you're taking your little one out to eat. I really do think it's exposure to different environments, repetition and consistent guidance which helps us raise our little banshees into good little citizens.

I must say I'm loving your hair. It looks so great curled up at the crown with the headband. Definitely a stand out style.

Love your thrifty outfit too. I have similar pieces in my wardrobe I never thought to put together. Thanks for the inspiration!

Marie said...

Ohhhh!!! I love the boots!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Okay - I'm dying for this entire post. First of all, your entire ensemble, from your hurrdo to the sequin breton stripes to the cargos? Perfection. Love love love to the love it. Homemade oreos? Get OUTTA here.

And you took your 18 month old out to dinner? I have 2.5 year old triplets and we have taken them out exactly twice (once when they were still in carseats/carriers, and once about a month ago). The last time we did it I vowed not to take them out again until they were 13.

Finally - THE BOOTS????? Guh. Puh-leeze tell me where you sell them (if you decide to). Not that I NEEEED more boots in my life, but just in case, you know, someone breaks in and steals all the ones I currently own.


Amy said...

I had to LOL about the program... you're amazing Sarah! I'm sorry I didn't help you when she needed to use the potty, I felt bad after you walked down!! But you handled it well, honestly. I hope you went home and enjoyed a nice coke!

Also, I honestly don't think you can really discipline a child before 18-2 years... all you can do is teach no- but still, that doesn't do much. He is excited about everything in his life right now- everything in NEW and a first! He'll grow out of it... don't worry, and your life will go back to normal. Until then, don't stress! He's a doll!! <3

Shay said...

props on the program. I asked Amy Brown a couple times if she wanted me to come up and help battle the kids but she kept saying no. those kids LOVE you!

coolkids said...

Great post. I have a 4 year old little girl and 16 1/2 month old too. (he was born on june 24th.) what is your son's birth date? I can relate to all of your tips. My son is facisnated by those little kids cups they give them with the straws...he has to have everything is sister does!new follower, I found you from whatever dee dee wants.

Rae said...

little ones at a restaurant is hard! I have an almost-4 year old (and bless you for teaching that age in primary) and it's still hit or miss. Mexican retaurants (looks like that's what you chose?) are some of the best, simply for the chips that can keep them occupied, and there's more of a family environment than others we've tried. I would also bring a toy or two he hadn't played with in a while, or ask for a side of cut fruit up front if it was offered- they're usually good for the finger foods crowd.

For manners with people and food in general? I have to admit my oldest learned them with Costco sample ladies- I'd get bored with being at home, we'd cruise Costco (because can't we always find something we 'need' there?). Wasn't long before I discovered that it was a good tool for working on please and thank you.

You're doing a great job. What books are you reading?

Lise Marie said...

What a great post and what fabulous boots *sigh* but no 10's.
That seems to be a hard size for vintage finds. But I never give up.


Marissa said...

Wow your son sounds exactly like my 16-month old daughter! She's our third, but our first daughter. Here's hoping that it's just a stage, right? Are you counting the days until nursery, too? :)

H and E said...

You mean the going out to dinner doesn't get easier? Rats! ha ha
Homeade oreos are my favorite, I think you just inspired me to make them again!

Brooke said...

I love those boots! I also think your family is adorable :)

Sydney said...

My sister is going through discipline issues with her little boy too. It makes me laugh to hear the similarities. Also, I am in the primary presidency in my ward so your description of the program really got me rolling. It is chaotic but being in primary is the best!

Sydney said...

Oh, and I do the same thing with Jennifer Aniston movies. She is so gorgeous.

Carden Designs said...

I just love that I am not the only mom that dreads the thought of a spilled Chili Pepper Pals cup. I have boys, 4 and 3 yrs old. They did the same thing as E. and I felt the same as you.

Are people staring at me? Yep, they were. Are they looking at me like I'm a horrible mom for allowing such chaos, probably. But maybe they forgot how hard it was to entertain, feed and contain 2 babies.

I agree with Monica, keep exposing him to different environments, he's 2, better than have a child who doesn't know how to behave at 10 cause you kept him locked inside. I am currently reading, "How to Behave so your Children Will Too!" It gives great coping tips and advise for consistency which I find is key. Sorry for the ramble. I love your blog!

Лидочка said...

Such cute hair! I die!

Claire said...

My kids + eating establishments don't mix. My first two kids were perfect diners. My nemesis, Esther is a nightmare. All my tricks jsut didn't work on her. One time, we were out and she didn't want to put on her bib. She screeched and screamed. A woman at the next table muttered (loud enough for me and a few other diners to hear) "For goodness sake - would someone please shut that child up?"

Cue me, fleeing to the bathrooms for a little cry, then taking all the kids and husband outta there. How rude of a WOMAN to say that?! Still - i've never managed to build up the courage to eat out again..!

Um... so I've jsut ranted there.. but I feel much better! Thanks! :)

jessica.adams said...

Wow, Sar. Sounds like a crazy weekend.
It's a compliment when I say you hide your stress well. When I'm stressed I believe I unfortunately turn into quite the... well, let's just say I'm not as pleasant as you are. :)
Loved seeing you, can't wait to show you the pics.

jessica.adams said...

P.S. If you haven't already, watch How To Train Your Dragon. I actually liked it more than Toy Story, can you believe it?

Tessa said...

I need to get me some army green cargo pants pronto because yours are so adorable! Plus your headband is so stinkin' cute.