Weekend Love: Bijou, Bunco & Star Wars

This weekend was busy. Real busy. Here are some of the highlights:

I went to the Bijou Market with a good friend and scored 2 sweet handmade Christmas gifts, and I am now the proud owner of one of these haute bags. As for Provo, it hasn't changed a bit. I reminisced about much simpler times when I had basically no responsibility, and could run around Provo doing whatever my little starving student heart desired. As long as it was on the cheap. I intended on continuing to practice the lifestyle described until I met a silly boy who made me fall in love with him and thought we should do grown up things like get married. Killjoy. 

We had our monthly Bunco, and I won. Again. It's the energy I'm tellin ya. You gotta channel the energy. 

 E spent some time with his big boy friend Will. He gave him his very first Star Wars toy. Master Will loves Star Wars. 
Cute Jedi hoods right? 

E and I attended a Gerber House Party. Have you heard about them? You can apply online to host a party for one of the companies that interest you. If you're selected you get a whole bunch of free swag for you, and some to give away to your friends! We loved our swag bag!

 We ate a few too many Turkey cookies in anticipation of the upcoming holiday. Poor E has his mother's appetite. Carbs followed by sugar. My goal for the week? A good work out every day this week. Including Thursday. I'll report back.


Jen said...

Sarah you crack me up... glad to know we both have the same carb and sugar addiction, and posting blogs at midnight. Love it. Way to go with the BUNCO win! You lucky girl you...

Dawn said...

Your post inspired me to go back to the gym. I fell off thr gym wagon a lil lately (shame!) and need to get back on. I love food which is fine but I need to be healthy about it by balancing it with a good workout is all. What kind of workout do you do? Cobgrats on the Bunco win and the swag party looks neat.

A.Co said...

A workout EVERYDAY THIS WEEK?! Now that's motivation!! GO GIRL!

Cute bag, exciting about the two christmas treats :)

Sounds like a fun party, I'm checking out the link you posted...

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Amy N. said...

Working out every day, even a holiday! I don't think I'm going to manage that.

E is sure a cutie!

Shay said...

I'm just glad you were channeling the 'negative' energy so I could channel the 'positive.'

Ashley J said...

I play Bunco too, love that game!!!!


Amy said...

Sounds like a missed a good bunco night! I love the picture of the Jedi's, so cute. I apologize for Will getting little E hooked on Star Wars already, but if these two boys are going to be friends, I guess that's just how its going have to be.

Brooke said...

I want to host a party that's awesome!

Meg said...

Oh, love the house party idea! So fun! :)


Cassie said...

Just found your blog!
E is so stinkin cute!
That gerber party is intereting. I've never heard of one before, but I'm also in the market for free stuff!

Look forward to following you!