What E Wore: Toddler outfit pairings

I've decided to add another little series around here called "What E Wore." Does anyone with boys find that there is a plethora of little boy clothing out there for purchase that includes puppies and choo-choos, or turtles and smiling dinosaurs? I find it to be somewhat of an art to make sure my E leaves the house looking studly, because heaven forbid he wear something that says "grandma's little slugger." I've also found some great ways to do it on the cheap. Thought I would share!

This is what E wore to church this past Sunday. I love to put him in seersucker and plaid, but Trav is very particular that he wears "dressy" apparel. So we usually meet somewhere in the middle.

Denim Poplin Shirt: Gap: consignment $3
Vest & Dress Pant set: consignment $7
Vintage Bow Tie: Belonged to Daddy
Boat Shoes: Cherokee, consignment $3

I adore boat shoes for boys. If I had my choice, I'd pick these:
But seeing as little feet grow faster than weeds, I'll stick to the bargain.

This is what E wore to the Pumpkin Walk. I am loving classic chinos, and plaid. This vintage Levi Strauss denim jacket is probably my favorite item in E's closet. I've seen similar versions in the crewcuts collection.

Vintage Denim Jacket: Levi Strauss, Thrifted, $4
Plaid Button Down: Children's Place, Consignment, $3
Chinos: Consignment, $1
Socks: HMD (hand me downs)
Shoes: Converse (Chucks), (these were a bit of a splurge.)

*If you have pics of some outfit pairings on your little one you'd like to share, email me!

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Apple said...

I love his Sunday outfit... so cute!! My sister-in-law refuses to buy anything Dora or princess related (in clothing) for her 2-year-old daughter. She is always on the lookout for cute ways to make cute, inexpensive outfits for her. I'll have to direct her to your blog...

Modest Apple -- A Fashion Blog

Apple said...

Whoops... sometimes I overuse "cute."

Modest Apple -- A Fashion Blog

mommee of three said...

Cute...cute!!! I don't know how you do it all.

I didn't know you had two jobs not counting being a mom which is a big job in itself!

You are amazing sarah.

Meredith said...

boys clothes can be tricky, hence i started making some for the kid myself. I'm also addicted to shoes and it's so fun to get mini man shoes. hi tops, mocs, boat shoes; love them all!! cute post!

Elizabeth said...

E is such a cute little man! I am excited to see more of "What E Wore."

The past 4 months I have mostly just dressed Preston in what we have received as gifts. However, as I have been out looking at boy stuff I am so annoyed with how hard it is to find cute boy clothes (at a reasonable price) that don't have some sort of cheesy character and cliche phrase across the front. Most of the stuff would actually be really cute if they just took off stuff that is put on it!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Ah he is so adorable :) I hope I have cute kids!
P.S. Someday I want to chop all my hair off, I just hope I can look as cute as you do with it!

Silvia said...

I totally agree. A lot of boy's clothing is a bit too cutesy. That store at Fashion Place, Jack and Janie, has THE cutest boy clothes I have ever seen though. Baby E looks adorable!

Justine said...

Your little man is SUPER studly. Nice to hear you're moving away from the shirts that says things like "Grandma's little price" etc.

Just Better Together

Claire said...

This little guy is just so handsome. I love your eye for cute things!

Emily Frame said...

he's such a dollbaby. i am secretly trying to crack the code to E, Emerson? Elliot? ...and i'm out of ideas...

Amy N. said...

So cute! And I totally agree. My boys don't need shirts that say "Your girlfriend is staring at me"

Though E dressed way better than I bother dressing my boys. Adorable.

kersey said...

I actually have a little "E" of my own and feel the same way about his clothes. I often have more fun dressing him than I do myself!

Erica said...

What consignment shops are your fav fir baby finds??

Oh, My Darling said...

Aw, the tiny bowtie and vest combo is beyond adorable!!