What E Wore: Casual edition

I never find things I like for myself at Old Navy, but I do like their selection for little boys. I generally try to wait for the sales, but every once in a while E gets treated by his grandparents. 
Jacket: Consignment, $3
Novelty Tee: Old Navy $10 (I'm a huge Beatles fan thanks to my dad)
Jeans: Gap, consignment, $5
Shoes: Old Navy, $15 (thanks nammy & papa)

 Jacket: Gap, consignment, $5
Striped shirt: Old Navy, gift from grammy
Jeans,Vintage Levi Strauss, consignment, .50
Tennis Shoes: Consignment $5


Heather said...

I LOVE old navy for my little boy's clothes too!

Justine said...

My my, what a handsome little boy you have there!

Just Better Together

Shawntae said...

he is soo cute. We love Old Navy too. Do you ever shop at Kid to Kid? They have really cute very cheap gently used items!
I LOVE that store for Kingston.

jessica.adams said...

Can I just squeeze the little stud's cheeks?

Sandy a la Mode said...

saw you on whatever dee dee wants!!! he is sooo handsome and stylish! have a happy halloween!!

Meg said...

Cutest little guy ever!!

Katie said...

Ahhh! Mini Beatles tee! SO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

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