Weekend Update: Week in review

As previously mentioned, Wednesday was our anniversary. The E man was still feeling a bit under the weather, so we bagged our plans to be alone, and hit the nearest Italian buffet. The 3 of us. Please enjoy some cell phone quality pictures of our eventful dinner.

Have you ever been to a restaurant as a single or childless entity and been seated next to a family with 1 or more snotty nose children that scream, bang the table, or throw food? Have you ever thought nasty thoughts about how how that family should stay home or learn how to control their child/children? Consider us the epitome of the description I've just given. I've come to realize something about dining out with a toddler just 1 year old. There's just not much I can do about his restaurant antics. He's one. No matter how many times I ask him to stop screaming, take away the fork in hopes to preserve his precious eyesight, or act as a catch all for rejected and regurgitated cuisine, he's still going to act out. It's just too hard to sit so long. So, I pick loud, kid friendly, comfortable places, and I pledge not to worry about the judgements of anyone around me. 

As a side note, our anniversary was perfect. We laughed hysterically at our clever little man, and counted our blessings for the joy he brings to our lives everyday. They'll be times for dates alone. In fact, I fear those days will come way too soon, and we'll only wish we had his company at our dinner table. 
 On Friday we went to the Pumpkin Walk. Which was ever so conveniently located down the street. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the community I live in?

 I must mention that it was ridiculously hot. You can't tell in this picture, but I'm dripping sweat in the beating sun. Poor E was dressed warm too. The unpredictability of our Utah weather has been insane this fall.

Also, I played Bunco and won. Again.

Saturday we ventured the dine out experience again. Am I brave or what? This one was a doozy. Experience a snapshot of the experience here, where a lemon face is being had.

Sunday we made Peanut Butter cookies. Whole Wheat even. I love to let E help me cook. He loves to help me eat.

What did I do before he was around???


mica said...

u look gorgeous! and ur son is so so cute, i wanna give him a hug =D


Anonymous said...

interesting, thanks

ElisabethCS said...

I got a little teary-eyed when you said "we'll only wish we had his company at our dinner table". My feelings exactly about our children. I KNOW there will be a day the hubby and I have way too much time on our hands and we will miss our kiddos. So I totally agree with you.

Heidi Jo said...

with five kids, i have always been conscientious about their behavior in restaurants. i can not tell you how many times we have been blessed by a server, or other patron, when they come up and compliment our 'large' family and well behaved kids!

i imagine that someone was watching, and it blessed them to see you bring out your little man, remain patient with him, and also brought back many memories of the years they miss.

keep on, keepin' on!

Sydney said...

I LOVE baby lemon faces!! haha this post was so sweet. Happy anniversary again! Hopefully by our 5 year, we'll have a sweet little guy all of our own. And I'm SURE you guys were not the family you claimed. I've seen for myself!! E in action is really just mostly adorable.

P.S. Those shade and that outfit you're wearing. SO adorable. No ... that's not right. SO HOT! Dang, those glasses make you look fine!

Justine said...

No, I cannot tell that you're soaked in sweat. But you and E look perfect for Fall :)

Just Better Together

Jackie said...

Wow. This sound exactly like how my anniversary went, just one day before yours!

Amy N. said...

Looks like a great weekend! I hope Mr. E is all better now.

The weather in UT was so surprisingly hot this weekend!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

oh my gosh! Little E in the cookie dough?! sooo cute!
I love letting my son help with cookies.
Their chubby little hands are so busy!

Amy said...

Its cute when E screams & acts like an 18 month old, its ok! Now, if my kids were to act that way, we'd be getting some serious looks!! All in times and seasons girl. You are smart to choose a 'family' restaurant though :)

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