RFF: Black and Lace

  I've enlisted a photographer. We're doing a haircut trade. She does well doesn't she? Amongst work and other things I had to attend a viewing on Tuesday. This is what I wore. I also wore this top for Shay's Fall Dinner Celebration.  This purse is one of my favorite thrift finds ever.

Lace Top: As far as I can tell it's handmade. Thrifted, $4
Jacket: I ♥ Ronson: Hand me down from my SIL
Skirt:Banana Republic: Thrifted, $6
Socks: Not sure. I've had them for ages. 
Shoes: Mossimo: Thrifted, $4
Purse: Thrifted, $2

Today's outfit total = $16


Sydney said...

Lovin the socks lady!! you are so gorgeous!

Heidi Jo said...

that lace top is beautiful. forget how feminine lace can be.

Heather said...

You look adorable! I'd be pretty excited it I found that purse in my local thrift store.:-) I might just have to try the socks and sandals after seeing you and Sydney look so great!

Justine said...

What a wonderful trade! :) I love your lace top and your thrift purse find!

Just Better Together

Apple said...

Such a cute outfit. Agreed, that purse is an amazing find!!

Modest Apple -- A Fashion Blog

A.Co said...

Oooh you've enlisted a photog! Hoorah! Does this mean more outfit posts??? (I hope so!)

Cute socks ;)

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

HannahMarie said...

I love the lace top! What a great find :)

Leigh said...

A Chanel purse for $2? You must have the best thrift stores ever where you live!

Dave and Linds said...

so cute! i love love love the socks:) ... and your hair!

Katie said...

Super classy! I always love your thrift finds. :)

Meg said...

What an amazing thrift find indeed! Jeal! And so fun that you can trade services with your photog :)

Jenn Kirk said...

I am coveting that bag! Classic! Haven't braved the knee-high sock look yet, but I've been wanting to for some time. It's so cute.