The day I met Sydney

There's a really neat thing about blogging. It's one of my favorite benefits to spending my time creating blog posts for others to read. You get to know other bloggers and share common blogging interests. I have connected with many lovely women with very lovely blogs. One of the blogs and the blogger herself that I have become intrigued with is called the Daybook. The author: Sydney.  She's like the super cool girl from your high school that you kind of hate because she's so stylish, but you secretly just wanna be her best friend. We've commented back and forth, and I've mostly just thoroughly enjoyed reading about her newlywed life that is normal enough to relate to, but when she writes about it, you just kinda want to re-live your own newlywed years with as much fondness and starry eyed glee as Sydney has. Oh and have I mentioned her style? She's got the eye. 

As I mentioned, this past weekend we decided very last minute to meet up for lunch. She was kind enough to let E come along for the ride, so we took her to the Gateway and did our best job to "wine and dine" her. I can honestly say I felt like we had already been friend's for a long time. She is incredibly sweet, and was just plain enjoyable to have a conversation with. On a day like today where I was honked at and given the bird {honest mistake I swear}, stiffed on my tips at the salon, and insincerely greeted by a co-worker, it's nice to think back on that day and remember that there are some really good people in this world. People who are true to what they claim to be, and you don't have to know them very long to call them your friend. Thanks to Sydney for a lovely afternoon, and proof that some people are just good.

Here are some -melt my heart- good pictures of E that I have as a souvenir from our lunch date.

By the end of the day he was obviously ready for a nap. After meeting E, Sydney said something about him that really touched me. She said- "you guys are so blessed." It sort of makes me tear up a little bit just thinking about it. Having E in our family is the biggest blessing of my life. Sometimes I wonder how I got him.

*As you'll notice these pictures are stellar, which means I had nothing to do with them. Sydney is a wonderful photographer and does her work out of Idaho. If you live there, or visit there, you should look her up.


Sydney said...

Sarah! I just don't even know what to say, I'm grinning from ear to ear right now. You are THE BEST. I mean, the whole thing PLUS the little shout out for my photography blog? Really, just THANK YOU. Thank you for making me sound way cooler than I actually am and for being that girl that will ALWAYS make your day better. {you seriously do} It's so rare to find people like that. Again, so happy to meet you and E that day! :) :)

And sorry about your crappy day! ... hate that!

Justine said...

Your little man is adorable! :)

Just Better Together

SassyScorp said...

Your son is SO CUTE!!!

Following you from Tuesday Tag Along. Hope you stop over and say hi :).


Natalie Jane said...


Hey, what part of idea does she work in? The contact info isn't working on her blog.

Amy N. said...

Looks like fun! You guys are so cute!

Anonymous said...

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Natalie Jane said...

That was supposed to say what part of Idaho. :)

Lauren said...

Your hair is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.