E's Birthday Party: Part 2: Festivities

Once the decorating was all done with and the guests had arrived, we had SO much fun. I made E this "One" shirt with iron on vinyl, and the suspenders were vintage thrifted that I cut down to his size. (He didn't really want to keep them on. 

Our little Family.

I made this little Top Hat party hat for E using a plastic container, some spray paint, a printed 1, and elastic.
The cake eating was the best part of the whole day. I am so not a cake decorator, so I tried something really simple. I striped the cake with red fruit by the foot, and added a pennant on top and an elephant candle. As you can see it melted a bit in the sun.
E was in HEAVEN. He loves him some sugar, just like his mama does. He resorted to sticking his entire face into the cake.

Cake kiss!
If I knew a personal cake was all I needed for these smiles, I may have obliged much earlier. He kept looking around at everyone and saying "MMmm"!
Oh I love this messy faced boy.

Getting cleaned up in the sink.

The ice cream cone bar was one of the things I didn't have time to put together. I put out a few of the toppings, and we had PLAY DOUGH ice cream at my request. Have you ever had it? It's like the definition of summer.


 Remember when I said E's cake was my favorite part of the day? I lied. This was my favorite part of the day.


iamwoman said...

Sarah! GORGEOUS party. You are so talented and savvy.

the lovely paper shop said...

love all the pictures! he is such a cute little guy:)

ps. just wanted to let ya know that i featured your dr. seuss pinwheels today for birthday week! they were just so darn cute that i couldn't resist!

Heather Marlene said...

you are so ambitious! I'm excited for Carter's birthday next month. Keely's b-days were fun, but I'm excited to see how Carter gets after that cake.

Lisa said...

And TA DA!!! Magnificent! I remember the days of a warm little body snugged up against my swimsuit skin. You captured it all beautifully. Looks like you will need to have a bunch more kids so we can multiply and replenish our vicarious living through you. :)

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i am not a cake decorator either and so i'm going to use your fruit strip idea because it really looked amazing! and i bet is was yummy, too.

Shay said...

I'm happy I got to experience the party by blog! It turned out great. I love those dollar bins at Target!!

AngelEden said...


what a cutie! I'm following you now from Welcome Wednesday (a bit belated lol). Please follow me back


Kathleen said...

How sweet! What wonderful pictures. I so miss mine being that age and it hurts even more knowing there will not be any more in the future. It looks like you all have a wonderful time. Buzzing by for the blog hop. Please stop by and say hello if you get the chance.


Anna Liesemeyer said...

I can totally relate to all the emotions in this post. I think I cried three times on my son's first birthday. It is so much fun too. E is just scrumptious!

Kelley said...

Hi Sarah, your pictures are so GREAT, as I knew they would be. E is so cute and I love the ones in the pool with you, the cake and the 'tired' one. Good thing I know who to call when planning Isaak and Krysti's next party...are you in the market?? :)

Laura Lynn said...

So cute. I'm loving his little hat! They grow so quickly don't they?

Justine said...

You are so talented! I love the theme and your polka-dotted-swim-suit!

Kelly said...

what a sweet family you have!


missykade said...

Following, would love to have you follow us back.