My Dashboard Confessionals

Sometimes I pray in the car. Actually, I do it a lot. Usually when I'm commuting to work. It seems that in my haste to get ready and get out the door in time, I forget to say my prayers. I'm positive that anyone who can see me must think I'm crazy, because clearly my lips are moving, and there's no one beside me. Sometimes it's necessary for me to just turn off the radio and listen to my thoughts. Don't get me wrong, I love listening to music while I drive, but driving seems to be one of the only times I am by myself alone with my thoughts. It's these times that I really start to think about the things I'm grateful for. These are the things I'm grateful for today: 

A new day. 
My talents and abilities. 
The people who love me and show an interest in my life. 
Reliable transportation. 
A healthy and happy baby, even if he won't take naps. 
A sound mind, and an interest for intellect. 
A knowledge of life beyond this one. 
A healthy marriage. 
Determination and the power to change. 

This song is SO touching. It gives me the chills every single time I listen to it. It sums up how I feel when I listen to my thoughts in the car. 


Maybe that's because the local musician (Peter Breinholt) wrote it after an experience he had driving to work one day. You can read the lyrics here. post signature


purseblogger said...

This is so great. I love your posts.
Peter Breinholt is amazing!!

Amy R. Nelson said...

I used to pray in the car all the time on my way to work! I really loved it. I felt like I was more aware of my prayers because it was easier from keeping my mind from wandering.

iamwoman said...

I pray in the car ALL the time. As a mother, it really is the only time I feel I have a moment to "be still." Also, as a sidenote for when your babe grows a bit, the most SPIRITUAL conversations with my children happen in the car. On the way to an appointment, to the park, to the store, etc. We talk about our Father in Heaven and good choices and situations that need discussed within our family. Car rides are truly something to love:)

Heather at All A Flutter said...

i love hearing about how other people incorporate prayer into their lives. thanks for sharing!!

Angie said...

Great song! Looks like a great list to be thankful for too! ;)

MommyJ said...

I pray in the shower... for many of the same reasons you pray in the car. Because I'm alone. That happens so infrequently!

iamwoman said...

profile email done:)

Angela Noelle of Striking Keys said...

The car is my meditation-box...to be sure. Okay, not the literal kind - because that level of relaxation would land me and other drivers in a whole world of trouble...but the reflective, quiet-time - yessss. If I drop my husband off at work, I turn the radio off as soon as he gets out to create such, in fact.

Also, you had me at "a lot" being spelled out as two words. Seriously. ;)

jessica.emily.adams said...

I am a big fan of car prayers. My radio doesn't turn on until I have prayed on my way to work in the morning. Sometimes that means I miss the traffic report, but I'll take the blessings instead.

Anonymous said...

Good post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.

Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life said...

Thanks for the post... There is so much to be grateful for!!