Baby E's First Zoo Trip (a mommy's picture montage)

Here we are entering the Zoo. He's not so sure what to think...

What's that mom?

 Here we go!

I could get used to this. 

Look! A giraffe!

The penguins are kissing!


The Zoo is always better with friends, and the ladies just can't stay away! 

Is it any wonder?  i.r.e.s.i.s.t.a.b.l.e!

That's one big gorilla!
 Scary bats! (They were not in a cage!)

 Look at the wa-wa buddy!

Now I'm thirsty!

Train ride!

Gift shop.

Tiger face!

And we're home.

I was so excited to take E to the Zoo for the very first time. I must confess that I couldn't even sleep! He's still a little young to fully enjoy the experience, but there were so many fun moments, from all the pointing in curiosity, to his "ah ah ah" monkey sounds. The last picture is the best one I could get of him with his Tiger candy stick because he was compulsively shaking it around in excitement. He took a liking to it in the gift shop and wouldn't let go. I debated whether to give in to the inflated gift shop price tag, but hey, you only go to the Zoo for the first time once. He didn't let go of that silly candy stick for the rest of the day.

There are no doubts that I thoroughly enjoy this motherhood thing. Even on the regular old days that we just stay home together. He makes the mundane magical.


Anonymous said...

a mommy's picture montage, not entourage. lol.

Silvia said...

The best pic is of the little girl grabbing his face! Ha ha, so cute.

RedHead said...

You are truly the cutest! And so is Baby E! Love your blog!! Also the zoo is one of my favorite places!!!

the lovely paper blog said...

love this! he is one little stud muffin!!

Sarah loves it all said...

Yep I meant montage. Not entourage. I'm officially an idiot. Thanks "anonymous".

Amy said...

So cute. He is such a little heart-breaker with that smile! I am so bummed we weren't able to make it to the zoo with the playgroup. We'll just have to plan another one so we can come with everyone! (those bats are disgusting though, where were they??)

Heather at All A Flutter said...

his expression in the last photo is priceless! and the photo of him and the giant gorilla is so great.

Shelley Ann said...

love this post! its adorable!

im also a new follower! you have such a great blog!

Lauren said...

Following from TTA!


Lauren said...

Following from TTA!


Meg said...

Oh-my-gosh! Your little family is SO precious!! & your little babes is just the cutest thing ever!!! :)

Now that I'm planning my wedding, my family is SUPER anxious for my fiance & I to have a little one, hehe


Meg said...

PS - love your blog :)