Baby Boy Shower

As I mentioned in the previous post, I threw a baby boy shower for my friend Shay this weekend.
Here's the proof:

Even before the day she became pregnant, I knew she was destined to make baby #2 of testosterone sorts. I tried making the little man's shower as special as possible on a shoe string budget. 

I have never regretted my purchase of a vintage alphabet book for $2 at a second hand store. A page with the baby's initial makes a great gift and adorable decor. 

I used some ceramic cylinder containers that used to be part of my home decor to hold cookies.
I love boy stuff.

I made a whimsical baby banner out of a baby face book.  

 The kiddies. 
post signatureThe mamas. 



iamwoman said...

adorable! I am always on the search for great vintage picture books. The pages make perfect art.

See Mom Smile said...

What a great use of stuff!!! I just like to collect stuff without ever using it.

Shay said...

THANKS AGAIN. You did make it special for me & my little man to be!!

Jessica said...

How cute! I love all your ideas! Now I want to throw someone a shower!!