We're a couple of misfits

E has some of the strangest obsessions with the weirdest "toys."Funny how we have a bajillion other "normal" toys, yet he becomes attached to some of the dorkiest items. Let me introduce you to a few of his well loved friends:

Wienerschnitzel Wiener-man: This frightened hot-dog who is not only losing pigment to his eye but has now lost an arm is among his top favorites. I don't know if it's the bendyness of his arms and legs or the chewability that makes him so desirable. I believe he was acquired on a trip to G. Grandma's house and was used as a pawn in exchange for happy behavior. As I was getting used to having the frankfurter around I naturally started saying things like "where's your wiener?" and "here, hold your wiener." Before I could think twice about the obvious wrong involved with making statements like that to my child, my husband demanded I find another name for the odd toy.

 Mr. Sock: I told you in this post about E's sock obsession. He used to have a favorite one, but he's moved on. He enjoys clutching and chewing any sock and he doesn't discriminate by color, texture, or cleanliness. It's the dirty ones that make me cringe.  

All forms of Electronic Devices: Oh how he loves himself a good T.V. remote. Almost as much as he loves himself a good germ infested, highly unsanitary, cell phone.  I try to keep him away so I won't have to retract later, but I usually fail. I'm starting to wonder how long it will be before we have to fork out for a costly repair. He's already destroyed my dad's computer chord. 

Pete:when I refer to this ragged wind-up bunny as Pete, I don't use it as short for Peter Cottontail. It's more like one eyed Pete. This crazy bunny has been the instigator of extremely adorable yet highly rare, deep belly giggling. When little E first observed his insane and impulsive automatic hopping antics, he was overcome with the kind of laughter that could make senile old men smile. Our furry friend was absolutely worth all .50 cents. 

Disclaimer: I made up several words during the course of this post. They are including but not limited to *bajillion, *bendyness, and *chewability. Trust me. My spell check was going crazy.
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Megan said...

Isn't so funny how they pick the most random things to love? Especially when they have so many other toys! Charlie loves the remote, his bibs, my phone, and the tag on anything. So funny!

Shannon said...

Malia loves socks to. If I put socks on her they are off in less than a minute and in her mouth. Sometimes two at a time!

Kate said...

heehee.... love the wienerschnitzel man!

There's an award for you over at my blog, hope you'll accept :) cheers!

purseblogger said...

That is so funny! I love the things they find to play with. Cute!

Charlotte said...

Yes, it was wise to get a new name before saying something you regretted in public. I love the random loved toys.