Weekend Update and Crawling Hazards

The little man's shirt is very fitting. I had really hoped to get this post up yesterday, but I was wrapped up in a completely napless day followed by the beginnings of crawling or something that looked a lot like "the worm" dance move. His motivation? The T.V. console and the Wii-motes. An electronic playland for a 9 month old. My house is so not ready for this. Any tips?
On Friday, the birthday celebration officially spilled over into the following week. Some of my friends took me out for Chinese. We attempted to bring 5 children along. (Our husband's were out of town.)  Our hostess politely responded: "So that's 3 adults, 5 children: 3 highchairs and a booster?" It went pretty well considering. Little E adapts pretty well to public places. 

There are a lot of women in our neighborhood. E keeps the testosterone alive, and generally gets a lot of attention.

I think this means I'm going to win a new camera.

Saturday was the busiest yet. I threw a baby shower for this sweet girl:
I needed to do things on a budget. I surveyed the land of unfinished basement (where all of my junk with potential lives) and came up with a semi-theme. pastel/vintage/Paris theme. Here's how it turned out:
One of my neighbors did this clothesline for a shower in our neighborhood. It's a really cheap way to add some dainty decor.

I was thrilled to find the 2 white serving dishes in the back at the thrift store for a few dollars each. I thought they were absolutely perfect for a this event. The Eiffle tower is vinyl via Uppercase Living on a board covered with wrapping paper.

I wanted to make a simple treat and came up with the idea of bringing back graham cracker sandwiches. I added a little raspberry jam to the frosting to add some pink color and a fruity taste. My neighbor made these cute pacifiers.
I hit up the thrift store once again for a gift. I scored this darling baby blouse, and these adorable little booties!!

Then my gram got married. I must admit that a second marriage for a gram that has been a significant part of my life was a little...strange. Having said that, I want her to be happy, and I'm glad she found a guy that cares about her.

Major highlight of the wedding:
nuff said.

And my sister's birthday. 
I made some really great hair accessories for her. (if I do say so myself.) More on that later.

Lastly, congratulations are in line for Megan. She is the soon to be owner of a very hip hair companion. Could you be so kind as to contact me with your preferred email address?

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Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

What an adventuresome weekend! Love the clothesline - that works fabulously, especially for a baby shower!

My grandma got remarried when we were in 9th grade. It was so odd, especially since she moved to Canada right afterward. It was hard. I hope your gram doesn't move!

Meet Virginia said...

What a fun weekend! And what a stud muffin your little guy is!!

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Little Lovables said...

so cute! and what an adorable baby shower!!!

Claire said...

I absolutely LOVE visiting your blog. You have such cute ideas!


Megan said...

Did I seriously win the hair accessory?! Whoo hooo!!!! I'm SO excited! I'll send you an e-mail from my address :)
What a fun baby shower! I love idea of putting the vinyl print on a board of wrapping paper. That is such a great idea that I'm going to have to try!
haha and I love your baby's bowtie--too cute!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

your lil man looks so darn cute in that bowtie! my son adored our entertainment console... i have baskets full of his toys that i put in front of it to keep him out. it's worked well so far! the shower looks adorable! and i love the graham cracker sandwiches - yum! i'm so going to try it!

tinypaperheart said...

you and your son are adorable! love his little bow tie.. :)

Meggera said...

Oh man... I thought I was THE Megan. Maybe next time!

The Blakes said...

What an adventure the weekend was for you! All I can think about is that chocolate fountain...