Weekend Update

On Friday I was excited to be published here.
Later that night Trav and I went on a dinner date.

                                                                                                       more on that later.

Saturday was the most eventful day yet.  Our highly anticipated treats arrived.

I spent the majority of the day doing this:

The next event was extremely tramatic. My baby fell off my bed. It was a split second kind of thing that caused major tears on all accounts. I can still hear the thud in my mind. I'm sure seasoned mothers might laugh knowing that things like that happen on occasion, but being my first experience with anything of the sort, I was a mess. I can gladly say, he will be fine.

I attended a bridal shower for my cousin McKenzie.

On Sunday we found some of daddy's old ties from the deacon days. We let baby E try them out.

Also, we had an extended family birthday celebration for all birthdays in March. (that means me.) The celebration included carrot cake made from scratch by my Gram.

As for Monday, I'm looking after a little friend. He's teaching baby E about boy stuff like wearing pillow case capes.

The Girl Scout cookies are gone, and I'm looking to incorporate some yoga into my day. I'm also thinking about starting a food journal.  Oh and I'm crossing my fingers and saying my prayers in hopes that I win this camera from these people with rad camera bags.

What did you do this weekend?
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MommyJ said...

Oh! I need some of those cookies.

The baby in the tie is the cutest thing ever..

My weekends are involving a lot of laying around and feeling sorry for myself for being SO very pregnant.

Debbie Farrer said...

I SOOO understand the trauma of the fall. When Preston was around 6months he rolled off of my VERY tall bed and at around 9 months he fell out of his crib (I had left the front down on accident) I can STILL hear the "thud"!!!
Love your posts!!!

Amy said...

When Will was E's age he fell off the couch and it STILL makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. Cute pictures of those two little boys together!!

Meet Virginia said...

ok your little boy has got to be the cutest EVER!!! sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend! we spent ours watching seasons of lost and eating TOO much!



The Blakes said...

Congrats on getting published! And that first pic of you and Trav is VERY flattering. Maybe you could put it on your new wall? :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I think I need some girl scout cookies now and you guys are so cute!!

I drove to Provo for a baby blessing. Nothing exciting to report since only one baby threw up. =)

Bridget and Chase Parry said...

dang i didnt know about mckenzi shower. dang :( im an awful cousin. and your baby looks so much like your brother its crazy

Elizabeth said...

1. Sounds like a good weekend.

2. I wish I had some Girl Scout cookies right now.

3. I read your article on Mormon Mommy blogs. I think I fall into the under kept category. By the end of the day I have sweat off all my make-up and my hair is a mess no mater what I do. Oh well.

Megan said...

I love your hair in all of these pictures! It is so cute. I also LOVE those girl scout cookies :) Fun weekend!