It's my party...

This week begins a celebration in which I like to call...my Birthday week. Some people don't like to acknowledge their day of birth, some don't like the attention or spotlight on them, I can tell you that I do.
Even though I'm getting older, I still look forward to my birthday with great anticipation. I love to celebrate, I love to party, I love to eat. This year I was talking about my desired Birthday plans with my husband and I must have seemed overzeleaous because he bravely asked me, "are you turning 16 this year?" I was obviously upset. You see, he has a different idea about birthdays. He figures that once you get "older" you're just going to be at work anyway, and what's so great about that. I disagree. *stepping on soapbox*

As much as I love it when it's my Birthday, I feel this way about all Birthdays. I think everyone's Birthday should be special no matter how old you are. Why not get excited about the day you were born into this world? Why not celebrate the fact that you're alive and you made it through another year. Instead of
begrudging another year older, why not appreciate the idea that you're here, that you've acomplished what you have. I think a Birthday should be an opportunity to be happy about who you are and to remember Birthdays past with fondness. Everyone should feel special and loved on their Birthday. I make it my goal to help those I love feel this way on their Birthdays, is it selfish to enjoy and look forward to my own Birthday just as much? *stepping down*

My mom modeled in near perfection the way a Birthday should be held special. I feel so loved just looking back on the things she did for our Birthdays when I was little. She obviously spent a lot of time making special cakes and preparing banners and balloons. Since she's no longer here, it's one of those ways that I feel connected to her. We both share an excitement for life. An appreciation for the little joys.

As I look back on 25 years, I have learned that sometimes life has a way of taking that out of you. My Birthday wish for myself this year is to keep that excitement alive. Never let the lows and hardships of life abolish the joy and zeal for the happy things.

"Let us relish life as we live it."
-T.S. Monson

I'm hoping to have some really great posts to celebrate the week of my birth!

Photo credit: Theresa Thompson

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Shay said...

Well I'm officially the first to wish you A Happy Birthday Week!! I too love birthdays & mine usually begins Sept 1st even though my bday's not til the end of the month. I loved celebrating Scout all week..she loved it too. I'm happy you have the pics of you & your mom & her cute little party favors for you!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Happy Birthday week! Cause I am all about the birthday WEEK.

In my husband's family, they don't really do birthdays unless you count getting a new package of socks as exciting.

So he's really bad at things like this. Guess what I got for Christmas this year........ a vegetable peeler.

Granted, I needed one, but still, that's it?

Oh well.

Happy Birthday again!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

happy birthweek! hope each day is full of happy!!! enjoy it!

Brody said...

good for you! i agree 100%.. it's all what you make it. brody's is tomorrow and chocolate cake, papa john's, and mini golf, here we come!

tanalicious said...

whoops. that was brody's account. i didnt notice! hehe..

Unknown Mami said...

First of all, have a wonderful birthday celebration.

I love the piggy cake picture.

I like to celebrate my birthday and everyone else's birthdays for a whole week. I call it a BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA. People should feel special and know that it was good that they were born.

Thank you for visiting on my SITs day!

Claire said...

Happy Birthday!

You're prolly right about being up beat about birthdays.

Though I will be honest - I cried like a baby when i turned 30. And when I got given a Flymo for my present, the tears just kept coming.

But 25 was a good age... ;)

Linda said...

Happy, happy birthday week. I am with you. Love to party and eat. Even though my birthday is in December and folks have other things on their minds (selfish folks) I remind them to make it all about me!

Cline Family said...


I love seeing the pictures of your Mom!!! She was such a great friend to me! I love birthdays too! And yes I'm married to a pooper too... Robert does not like to make a big deal of birthdays! Oh well, I just make up for it.

I hope you have a fabulous birthday!


Megan said...

Happy Birthday! I need to be better at celebrating birthdays. My husband's is next month and this makes me want to make it extra special for him :)

Natalie Jane said...

Happy Birthday week!

Read this:


Natalie Catherine said...

what a cute post!! happy birthday! and 1. love your signature. 2. lovee the look of your blog. 3. i'm definitely a new follower!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

my bday is august - i guess it's not that soon! : ) you are super sweet!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday week, Sarah! I love the celebrations of birthdays! I usually make mine stretched out as long as possible, too. To me its not really about aging at all, its about having something to celebrate, a day in the year when you get to talk to everyone you love. I love all the pics of you when you were little -- SO CUTE!

Rachel said...

Happy b.day MONTH! Might as well celebrate it the whole month! I seriously was just thinking of you the other day...I associate Springtime with SARAH! Happy 25th girl! Oh and I LOVE the black shirt and that gorgeous yellow flower from Wendy that you sport so well. She is so talented! Does this count as an entry for your givewaway?! :) haha. Have a super MONTH-LONG celebration

Nicole said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I am the exact same way, even about my own birthday. I think your birthday is the one day when everything is truly about YOU, and I always try to make my kids' birthdays memorable and special. I even go so far as to "celebrate" our half-birthdays (usually just a special treat for dessert, nothing major). Hope you had a wonderful, special birthday!

greenhornet said...

Excuse me most of the Birthday cakes I made and decorated. Oh and truthfully it was more like birthday month.

Katherine said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK!! Hopefully your hubby's bah humbug birthday attitude doesn't extend to the gifts he gives ;)

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Happy Birthday Week! I agree with you that birthdays should be special occasions and I love the picture of you and your mom.

Stopping by from SITS. Welcome!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns