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Recently I went in to check my email, and to my astonishment I received an email that went a little something like this:

Dearest Sarah,

I have a wedding in May, and I'm supposed to wear a black pencil skirt and a cream top. PLEASE help me look great. Where should I start looking for flattering tops. Am I supposed to tuck in the shirt to the skirt? This whole pencil skirt is new for me, so I need help finding a top and shoes. This is where you come in...if you're interested! :)

Me? I don't have any sort of fashion background what so ever and I shop for all my clothes at the D.I. (local thrift store) I'm just a wannabe. Having said that, I couldn't give up the opportunity to help a gal look great! 

Yes. Tuck the shirt in. I remember a time when it was Über cool to hang your shirt over your pants, and unthinkably nerdy to tuck it in. Now days I tuck my shirt in when wearing anything high wasted, and sometimes I even tuck my shirts in to  "regular" wasted items. {See I don't even know the correct terminology.}
These are some of the shirts I came up with for my fashion frantic friend:


Ann Taylor Loft had some good options:

Like this one,


This jcrew number looks casual here, but I think it would look great with a high wasted pencil skirt.

And for shoes: {My friend happens to be pretty tall and really thin, she doesn't wear a lot of high heels.}


I'm partial to ruffles right now.

These are a little tall, but so dreamy.

 Options with less heel:

Conservative but cute heels:


I think Nude pumps would look great too. 

The wedding colors are black, cream, and celery. {So pretty!} So I decided to pick out some cute jewelry with a pop of color.

Like these:


                                                or this:

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Writing Without Periods! said...

So many cute things you've chosen. I love all the shoes! Thanks and I love Target.

greenhornet said...


Sarah liked these shoes with a frilly top what do you think?

jenny said...

Love Anthrooooooo. Can't go wrong with Anthro.

So glad you enjoy the blog! Always happy to meet a new reader.

AND ps, I love your blog too. The end.

Wonder Woman said...

I'm loving the ruffles right now, too. And those peep-toes from Target are to die for. I'd definitely wear the heels with a pencil skirt, but I'm also only 5'1". I can't get away with flats!!

Lindsay said...

Very adorable selections! I feel like we're all little fashionistas to some degree. :-)

tanalicious said...

excellent choices! i need me a good pencil skirt.

meredith* said...

love that you get to help out a buddy! so fun! i'd go with tall heels and flats. heels for hotness then switch to flats for comfort after pics. you just need a big purse:)maybe.

Meet Virginia said...

gorgeous i so totally love it! ps i found the most amazing teal patent heels at the DI yesterday and it reminded me of those super awesome flats!!!



Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I confess, pencil skirts terrify me. I think I have big hips.

LOVE the black heel with the ruffle from Target! I actually have shoes that same style only brown with a buckle. But now I want the black ones.....