Riddle Me This:

Why is it that out of all the toys this little man owns, he is not only entertained, but mesmerized by this sock? It began one day when I was folding socks. He kept reaching for this little blue sock like a baby bird reaches for a worm. When I finally gave in, I had no idea about the love affair I was starting.

Last weekend Trav and I were going out. E was going to the in-laws to spend some time. He must have sensed it, because he insisted on bringing his little sock friend from home. While going through his schedule and the things he would need while we were away, I found myself including: "and this is his sock."  

Sock is the new blanky.

In other news, my new friend Natalie featured little me on her darling blog!
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Mykell said...

That is so funny!! When Haylee was a baby we couldnt leave the house without the three b's, blanket, bear and binki. Even at 7 she still sleeps and carries her blanket, like Linus!! Kids are so funny.

Sandra said...

It could be your old ratty bra. :)

Yeah, in a few weeks, it will be something else. Kids are really funny.

Jackie said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! I hope everything is working for you, it seems so hard to get your body back after a baby!

But your baby sure is DARLING! SO CUTE!!

My two year old LOVES his blanket. If he gets hurt he runs to get his blanket, then finds mom.

Cid said...

Watch out, my 12 year old son still sleeps with a collection of dirty threads, the remnats of his baby blanket.

Sewn With Grace said...

Stopping by from SITS today! What a cute story about your son and his sock. My babies are teenagers now and they had their own version of "sock" as well. Have a blessed day!