Really Frugal Fashion:Denim Vest

A cute denim vest seems to be so versitile. You can pretty much wear it in any season.(Notice it paired with a cute scarf below.)
I bought this vest over a year ago at-yep you guessed it-my favorite thrift store known as D.I. It was seriously one of my most lucky finds. It's a fitted, vintage Calvin Klein.  $4. 

You can see me wearing it here too. While browsing American Eagle for a new pair of jeans, I noticed they have these.  $30.
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Veronica King: aka Queen Vee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you did, cause your blog is fabulous. So much, in fact, that I'm going to follow you and check back in soon. You have a beautiful family, and I love that vest! =]

Bridget and Chase Parry said...

why dont we ever hang out. we are so much a like it makes me laugh. i read some of your comments and i just feel regret i didnt hang out with you more!

Elizabeth said...

Not going to lie, this post inspired a trip to DI last weekend. You have such a great sense of style, and I was inspired. Usually, I will stop by after work every couple of weeks. Didn't really find anything this week . . . well, at least that fit right. I am in an awkward transitional state with clothing right now.