Sister to Be

Shortly after Christmas I threw a shower for my brother's wife to be, Amy. Her wedding theme is hot pink and zebra print, so I thought I would go along with it. I had a very small budget, so I tried to use things I already had. I also utelized my UL resources yet again. The jars, paper flowers, and candle holder  (filled with grapefruit tic tacs) were also used for this party. When I first layed eyes on the zebra print plates, I had to have them. They also worked well for this party.
Notice how Amy and I are both showcasing our bling...

We played a "pre-newlywed" version of the Newlywed game. I love how Isaac is totally cheating.

It's meant to be.
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Josh and Cali said...

Love the "Mama bling"! I find myself doing that quite frequently and am glad to have a name for it now!! You did a great job with the decorations- she is lucky to have a future sister in law like you.

meredith* said...

I'm loving looking over all your fun posts. this is one of my fave blogs! question though: I know there's an option to add labels to the side with the number of posts that fit in each category in blogger but i can't figure it out. i don't know how to specify which post goes with which category. help a sister out? does this question even make sense? :)