My newest visual obsession: Part 2

I tried to keep it to a minimum but I just couldn't. And hey- if I can't flaunt my family pics on my blog, there's practically no point in having one. My friend Holly took these for us and deserves a lot of credit. She took E's newborn pictures and is still just as patient and good at what she does. Once again she allowed me to feed E in the middle of the shoot which made him much more content. She even made spitting noises to get him to smile. (I don't know why he thinks that's funny. I guess it's a boy thing.)loved the location she picked. How cute is the green door?!

I brought a couple of E's "currents" from home. He loves chewing on his sock monkey, and he's sitting on the duvet my gram made for his nursery.

I think it's so funny that he was so fixated with his tounge...

   By the end of the shoot he was worn out and done. Poor little man!
Gotta love this kid! Now I just have to decide which ones to display! Favorites??

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Shay said...

so stinkin cute. you guys are a beautiful family.
..I think me & holly have the same favorite color: aqua marine. I love that chair

Matt and Brooke said...

sar! your little boy is so cute! and you look so pretty in all the pic's.. your hair!! soooo pretty i'm loving it!

Katelin said...

What the heck?? Your blog is darling! I like the revamp, missy. I feel like I tell you this everytime but you and your little fam are so cute!

Mayce and Ethan said...

Those pictures are darling! I love all of them!! Holly did such a good job! And it doesn't hurt that your family is so dang cute!

Jason and Holly said...

You are so nice Sarah. Thanks again, it was a blast! And I agree, your hair looked great in the pictures. Makes me want to grow mine out! :)

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Super cute!! I love those cheeks and the idea to bring current things.

Thanks for commenting on my blog Sarah, I love your blog too! Love that the Internet can keep us all together!

Kellie said...

thanks for your comment on my blog! i love your blog too...AND i love these family photos. super cute!

Kelly at Home said...

Oh my word, Sarah, you guys are darling! Dar. Ling.

Your son is just a cutie pie! The crying picture, be still my heart! I love crying baby faces (not that I cause my own to cry ;o) because it's just so innocent and cute.

Have a wonderful weekend! Found you guys through SITS and love the blog!