NCBL (My non-comittal bucket list)

As I started thinking about resolutions, it turned a different direction. Here's the list* that was born of things I'd like to do before I leave this world. But no pressure. Not a bucket list per say, but rather a list of some serious and some silly things I've always wanted to do. Maybe 2010 will be the year I accomplish something or anything from my list...

  • Make a Red Velvet cake

  • Try snow skiing
  • Go to Hawaii
  • Buy a really nice camera  
  • Sing at a wedding  
  • Buy a hamburger for someone who's homeless  
  • Try some really good sushi
  • Sing the national anthem for a sporting event (High school will do)  
  • Learn how to sew  
  • Get a really good professional massage (That's right. I've never had a professional massage.)
  • Own a California King
  • Learn how to play at least 2 a full song on the guitar 
  • Help someone re-decorate their house
  • Try that ear candling thing
  •  Help someone plan their dream wedding
    • Give Blood (Nope. Never done it.)
    • Beat my husband at something competitive...anything.
    • Volunteer at the soup kitchen
    • Write a song
    • Swim in the Ocean

    • Go to New York and see a show on Broadway

      • Own Photo Shop 
      • Know about the political candidates in my area and vote with confidence 
      • Learn how to do Math
      • Run a marathon. Even if it's just a 5K.

      *I recognize that by sharing this list I am revealing my sheltered and unaccomplished self.

      I'm ok with that.

      See more pics of the rad wedding I found here.

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      The Blakes said...

      Perfect. I will go skiing with you, you can re-decorate my house, and I will swim in the ocean with you.

      Emily Cooper said...

      I didn't know you could sing! You should sing in church!:) You can decorate my house any time:)

      Leah and Mike said...

      If you need to cross "decorate someone's house", feel free to use mine :) You've been talking about that "ear candling" for a while now...I think you should do it and let me know how it goes. Happy New Year!