Good Day.

This is the email Travis sent me at work today:

Subject: Pic of Your Boy This Morning

Just wanted to send you this pic of your handsome boy that I took this morning. Hope you're having a good day. Love ya!

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Lundell said...

Oh my gosh...I just want to pinch those little cheeks!!! he is so cute!

Mayce said...

Aww that was sweet of Trav! He is quite a handsome boy!

jessica emily adams said...

Did you leave work right that very second? I'm sure you wanted to! He is so cute! I love his little face and I totally want to chew on his chubby little cheeks!

John + Eliza McKeon said...

Sara! Oh my goodness! Baby E is so so so so so so adorable!! What a little stud! I love him! I want a baby so much ( seeing adorable babies inspire this craving)!! You are just radiant too-- your hair and your skin are so beautiful. I love reading your blog and wish I could decorate mine cute (love how you do yours)! It's hard! But, I'm discovering new things slowly ;) Love you and glad we can see what you and your sweet lil' fam are up to.