Go Jazz

You may remember this post from last year explaining that my husband wins everything. Well he continues to do so. His recent win was season tickets to the Jazz games this year! Thanks hunny! Here are some pics of E's very first Jazz game. Trav says we need to expose him to the world of sporting events early. I have to confess that it really wasn't the best first experience in the world, and we did leave early. Let me lay out a little equation for you.

First Jazz game at home + really large crowd = indoor fireworks, loud bangs, outrageous cheering and screaming x 10. Add 1 overprotective nervous mom and a 4 month old, then subtract ear plugs. Oh and don't forget the unexpected variable: 1 overzealous and seemingly intentionally irritating cow bell user

The result in short was leaving early with a stomach ache. Okay- so math's not my thing :) Trav and I traded off covering E's ears during the loud parts, which was basically the whole game thanks to the cow bell ringer behind us. I started to get really concerned about long term hearing damage and got a stomach ache. I always get a stomach ache when I'm worried or stressed about my little E. Let's just say it happens a lot, and I basically spent the first 2 months of his life with a chronic stomach ache.  There was actually a 2 week period where I was convinced that he was going to be blind because he looked over to the side too much. Maybe I need some help. :)  So we left the game and went home. On the way out we saw a little baby even younger than E with ear muff type things on his ears. I guess they sell them at the ESA! We'll definitely have to try those if we decide to bring E to any future games. The experience wasn't all bad. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed the national anthem and I don't have to tell you it was amazing.
  • Some guy had altered his Boozer jersey to say LOOZER- it was hilarious.
  • The lady that sits next us with season tickets was really nice and didn't mind that we had a baby with us.
  • It was around Halloween, so there were people in costume all over including a rad Marge and Homer couple and 2 darling little Jack Sparrow brothers.
  • They were giving out hats that night but by the time we got there they were out. When we decided to walk out early, a cute older usher gentleman carefully dusted off a left over hat and put it on baby E. He was so excited that it was E's first Jazz game and offered to take a picture.
  • The Jazz won the game. 

(sorry for the cell phone quality pictures)

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The Blakes said...

At least you got a night out, right? Glad he got a hat.

Mayce said...

I can't even handle the cuteness that is E! Oh and I want to be added to E's blog. My email is mayceh@hotmail.com