The Nursery

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of E's nursery. As always there are still things I'd like to add, but it's finished "enough". I had so much fun picking out different elements for the room. It all began with a LOT of scouring internet pictures, as a lot of my ideas are 40% original, 60% derived from someone else's idea online. I began by looking at cribs and nursery furniture. I wanted the nursery to be modern/classic. Sometimes modern can be a little "cold" in my opinion, so I wanted to warm it up a little. I was obviously on a pretty tight budget, so I had to be creative and also compromise on some of the things I really wanted. I really wanted this gray crib. I'm loving gray in general, and I think this crib is so darling for a boy or girl. Since it was definitely out of my price range I started re-thinking my strategy and figured maybe I would use gray as an accent color.

Since black is one of my favorite design colors (hence all my black furniture) Travis and I picked a black crib and dresser set. Picking the color of the crib was difficult, but definitely not the hardest part. We had to make sure the crib was safe, and this one was rated high on consumer reports. We also wanted it to work for a boy or a girl, and liked that it converted into other bed options. If anyone wants to know, it's a Da Vinci crib and dresser set. You can buy the brand at most places like Target, but we ordered through Amazon because they offer free shipping.

I would have to say that bedding was the most difficult thing to find. I found there were a lot more sensible and cute modern options for girls than there are for boys. I'm just not really into the "cutesy" boy styles. I also found that any modern boy styles I liked (most of them by Dwell) were way way too expensive. I had no idea how expensive baby bedding could be. I also decided that I'm not crazy about the bumpers. I think it looks really cute in most cases, but I did have some concerns about suffocation, and heard from a lot of friends that they ended up taking them off anyway.
I decided to enlist a professional. My grandma. I picked out a subtle but bright patterned fabric at my favorite fabric store (Quilter's Haven in Bountiful-it's the only place I ever find cute modern fabric.) for the comforter, and an accenting gray patterned fabric for the skirt and pillows. She did an amazing job sewing all the bedding elements and I can't thank her enough for helping me customize something that otherwise would have been very expensive. I SO wish I could sew, and hope to learn before I die.
I knew I wanted to paint a gray accent wall, so I started "working" on Trav early in the game. If you recall, the green accent wall in my kitchen took quite a bit of persuasion. While I was away on a business trip, my sweet hubby painted the wall for me. He did a great job, and to his credit he did pick one of the grays from the swatch I had grabbed at the Home Depot. 3 paint jobs later we finally settled on a gray that worked. FYI- Gray is a very difficult color to pick because there are so many different undertones to choose from. I.E.- Brown/Gray, Purple/Gray, Blue/Gray, and so on. For future reference to anyone who is new to picking paint colors, Home Depot sells a little can of "tester"paint for about $3. Paint a little bit on the wall, or on a board and look at it in all the different lighting throughout the day and night. Also, we like painting with Behr brand and have found success with it. When trying to pick out the right gray, we really liked some of the Ralph Lauren colors but didn't want to spend more money and risk a different outcome than we're used to with Behr. We learned that you can color match any of the Ralph Lauren colors for Behr paint, so that's exactly what we did.
The lamp is from Target, and was originally in my Living Room. When looking for the right lighting I decided to try it in there and loved it. So- it now lives in the nursery.

The pictures above the crib come from a vintage animal book I found at the DI for $1. I actually found it after only looking through the books at 2 DI locations. It's from 1961, and it's just the animal art I was looking for. The frames are from IKEA.
I hung wire above the dresser and hung some "art" with baby clothes pins. I cut the pennants from the extra gray fabric, and some of the other pictures are pages from a book, an old desk calendar, and cards.

This picture was my inspiration. I loved the idea of hanging cards and pictures from a wire line as a different art element.
I fell in love with this Danish inspired vintage shelf. I actually bought it for my entry way, and intended to paint it. When I tried it in the nursery I felt like it was perfect, and didn't even need a new paint job. I'd really like to do something above the shelf. Uppercase Living now sells Chalk Board Vinyl, so I thought about putting some of that above there but then realized that E wouldn't even be able to reach it to write on it with chalk when he's older. I also considered hanging some sort of big E. Any input or other ideas?
I found the elephant and lamp at TJ Maxx. I use that lamp every single night when I go in to feed. It's the perfect amount of light- enough light to allow me to safely maneuver into the room without tripping and injuring myself, but not so bright that I can't close my eyes and stay half asleep while I feed. :) Which brings me to the next important furniture element:
The rocking chair. I had a few specifics in mind when it came to the rocker. I did not want a glider. I've heard marvelous things about them, but frankly they make me sick. Literally. Embarrassing to admit, but I have a bit of a motion sickness problem. (Dramamine is my friend.) When I glide back and forth so quickly and easily, I start to get nauseous. I wanted something that had just a subtle rock. My ideal choice was the Pottery Barn Lullaby Rocker pictured above. Since this chair is roughly $800 I knew I would have to find a more sensible choice. I did find the exact same rocker at DownEast for $220 but that was with the slightly dirty and somewhat shrunken Butter Yellow slip cover. Travis was uncomfortable with Butter Yellow in his son's room, and I was uncomfortable with the dirty shrunken part. So we valiantly searched and settled on this:

We liked the Poang chairs at IKEA, but when I sat in one of them 8 months pregnant and simply couldn't get out without assistance, I knew it wouldn't work. It was much too low. Lucky for us, IKEA introduced the new Poang Rocker- looks like the Poang and uses the same seat pads, but rocks and sits significantly higher. We felt like it was a good modern option and I have loved it. It's super comfortable.

And just for fun-Mighty enjoying the "animalistic" gray rug I found for the "foot" of the crib.

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Heather Marlene said...

its all so beautiful... You have such a flair for design. Maybe I'll have to get you to come help me decorate my house when we move in.

Mykell said...

Very cute!! I love big letters, well letters in general, I think it personalizes the room. If you would have picked a name before you had him I always make name signs out vinyl for a baby gift, I have done them on wood, tin buckets or whatever I can find. I like the big E idea myself. Very cute you did a good job!!

Shay said...

PICTURES OF little E himself. I think adding big Pics of E will definatley help personalize the room (and some with his parents too ofcourse)!!

The Pettingills said...

LOVE the grey! I totally want to my next nursery in grey walls! It would work perfect for a boy or a girl! My husband is a little iffy about it but now I just need to show him this post and he will totally be on board! All the pics of your house are adorable! Want to come decorate mine?!

Dave and Lindsey said...

what a darling blog!!

your baby is ADORABLE.

and i love your style:)

{ Marianne } said...

PB came out with a gray crib that I just drooled over in the last year or so. It works so well with boys and girls. But being the practical wife I am though, I stuck with what I had. Love his room Sarah. I love the modern flare to it yet it still looks nice and cozy. All your hard work paid off.

Hannah said...

What a cute nursery! I love it you have definitely inspired me for when it comes to decorating our little ones room!

The Odekirk Family said...

I love your nursery... But be really carful with jpictures above the crib, babies pull them down! Trust me :) Also, if they have glass it is REALLY dangerous.

Natalie Catherine said...

thanks so much for linking this in your comment!! i LOVE it. those prints are perfect in that space. and the wall color is gorgeous. great job! thanks for checking out my sophia's nursery!

The Autocrat: Haley said...

I love the room!! I like how it is very practical and not cluttered! Looks really good! Sewing is easy!! You can do it!