Cafe What?

When I first heard about Cafe Trio I thought someone was really talking about Cafe Rio and just mispronounced it. I finally had a chance to dine there, and it was complete bliss. It's a great little restaurant with fresh cuisine that's a little different from the ordinary but not so different that it's not delicious. It's classy with a nice ambiance but not so much that you feel out of place. You can also eat pretty healthy there which I really like. They're good to cater to picky custom requests which I find can be hard to come by. I do want to mention that the Salt Lake location didn't have very good parking options. My prego friend parked in the neighboring Planned Parenthood parking lot, :) and I had to park in front of someone's house. Not so convenient when I ended up having to nurse and change a blow-out diaper in the backseat before we drove home. Despite the parking dilemma I would definitely recommend the restaurant.

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{ Marianne } said...

i love hearing about new yummy restaurants! about the blowout and nursing in your car...welcome to motherhood. i also loved hearing your cow story on the post below. i can just picture you mooing at them. it made me laugh.

Jonny said...

Oh my...I am so happy you ate there! I LOVE THAT PLACE! I went once and have been dying to go back...can you remind me in a n email where exactly it is? Also, did you know they have a labor inducing pizza?! Love ya Sar, hope motherhood is treating you well! WE need to get together soon! -Rach

Lauren and Christopher said...

Hey Sarah,
If you don't care if poeple look at your sweet little mans blog I would love to look at it my email is thenielsenfamily@gamil.com